Why is Carbon more importsnt than preserving our health and life?

Why is carbon more important than preserving our health and lives?
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I was crowling when grandpa brought a T22 with a little chimnee in between its rear tires.
We got the american dream so never mind the little chimnee said& toasted a drink!
I was in school when pa brought a chevy& said me Never mind the exhaust smoke, what is good for Chevy is good for America!
And toasted to it!
I was discovering what love is inside a Ford when
I got popped
And he got mad, when told him to turn off the iddling engine's smoke & parted our ways!
I was inside the Ferrary when my groom couldn't wait and spit its fire in me in our first night.
Never mind the smoke, said him as he coughed.
A Ferrary is the creaming of the American dream, so forget the meaningless smoke, my groom& husband sentenced.
When the stork dropped our third offspring i asked to sell the Ferrary and buy an electric car.
A Ferrary shows the class we belong to, so ignore the smoke, sentenced my husband as we headed to Dysney.
Time passed& one day our oldest daughter asked why we cling to his Ferrary car, when billion cars intoxicate the air that fills our lungs every second of our lived, every handful of food, every water cup we drink, and my dauughters like her father, have to spray their Asthma medicine from time to time.
Girls, don't make a mountain put of a grain, the Ferrary stays!
I accompany my daughters who are part of countless girls on Fridays For Future, and at our return, my oldest,
"You got 7 years left to fill your CO2 quota of pollution, then let it go", said to her hacking coughing father.
The Ferrary stays long after I am gone and its plastic car cape too, and only over my dead body will anyone take my Ferrary!
Since that day my husband and I sleep in separate rooms for he gets vicious when we girls go to protests against 5x CO2 emissions.
Then CoVid hit the globe and he that refused social distancing& wearing an AntiCoVid mask, got CoVid
The Ferrary stays phoned us from the hospital where he's been treated for CoVid!
"Greta said you got 7 years of carbon credit so worry not for your Ferrary" my oldest daughter replied when i was about to yell at my husband to worry about healing and not about his damned Ferrary.
As the days dragged, Trump gave CoVid striken carbon bussinesses one more of countless subzidies. And carbon corporations managed by BlackRock invested trillions of dollars in oil extraction even from Artic, oceans and glaciars.
Greta says Paris Agreement is going to solve all our carbon pandemia, my oldest daughter said to lift her father spirits and yesterday assured her father his Ferrary is still here and preserved by its plastic car cape.
No, there are not 7 years of carbon credits left bc the permafrost and Glaciars tipping points are being exceded now and Paris has been transformed into the global carbon Stock market at ParisAgreement market and legalized its genocidal carbon emissions by subsidizing with a carbon tax per metric ton.
My daughters believe in the naivette& incompetence of Greta to stop carbon emissions, looked at me, skeptic.
"Girl Greta's belief in the Paris Agreement is dead wrong bc it's a swiss cheese carbon stock market and since the tipping points are being exceeded a rise of 6bto 12°C is what we'll suffer by waiting for unrepentant liars as BlackRock& its carbon cohorts false promises to abrogate carbon by 2050 bc by then your father who has a preexisting cancer of lungs and striken by CoVid has so little chance to survive and his lungs now look like dried black bricks and soon may expire and our lives are in danger of extinction.
Not if by 2050 we're carbon neutral and a CoVid vaccine is coming soon. One of my daughters said.
The accine is a 50/50 and destroys our inmune system irrevetsibly and then we see another more contagious CoVid is emerged. The CoVid19FoldSpikes will render any vaccines useless and devoure money uselessly and not save us.
Ring, ring, heard the phone ring.
"I am calling from the hospital. Make sure the Ferrary is covered by its plastic car cape" heard my husband's lawyer voice and added, " His will will be made available to you..."
Knowing my distrustful husband's reluctance to make his last will, uneasy asked.
"May we speak with him?"
"That is not possible..." then the click.
You see girls Greta as all imperfect humans is failed us in not listening & participating but useless pom pom girls away from oil refineries: #JoinScientistsMassiveCivilDisobedienceToAbrogateCarbonPandemiaNow.
But CoVid?
CoVid patients must be treated bu plasma fromCoVid Survivors, wear a mask, social distancing and we should join the scientis call for massive civil disobedience, for CoVid virus stays as any flu virus and we can't sit stupidly home while trillion dangeroys Carbon Pandemia is at its genesis, threatening to extinct us.
But dad will be disappointed and will get desinheried if we participate in Civil Disobedience"
Why can't you see the inmediacybof extinction and that only masdive civil disobedience can saves us from extinction? Why must we be pleasers and sit iddle &;stupidly wait our extinction time and how can you too fall in the trap that a plastic covered car, when used, intoxicates our lungs with carbon pandemia, produces cancer and kills people like your father and gives you asthma but along with inheritance money is more important than preserving our health &lives?

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