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Mr Biden& Mr Trump why are you threatening us with compulsory vaccination of your unsafe-politically rushed CoVid19 vaccines?

Mr Biden& Mr Trump why are you threatening us with compulsory vaccination by your unsafe-politically rushed CoVid19 vaccines? In my doctoral writing years met old faculty members who were good at most things they did, including surviving vaccines that got them ill and left them permanently disabled. People would look at them, including some of their colleagues and spoke to them as to mentally retarded and/or brain death people. One they labeled "the billion questions man", the other "the gulf cart horse driver" and the third who was gay, "Carnivorous sausage meat eater" I among few doctoral thesis writers met them, they were goodshooshoos bookish men, who were wise to advise others, "Before you get any kind of vaccine, find your facts whether it is a safe or unsafe vaccine, else you may be sorry too little to late and live limited lives like us...for blindly trusting vaccines" I am now a retired faculty member but also a survivor to some

Biden-Harris refused to Abrogate murder by Decree-police-bill-of-rights& refused to lead the protests for civil rights!

Senators Biden-Harris refused to abrogate murder by Decree-police-bill-of-rights& refused to lead the protests for civil rights! USA Newspaper writers are so narrow&short in their journalism& don't connect the links to explain the police is a dictator's controlling deadly terror tool over 333 million Citizens. Washinghton Post late journalist chronicles that since 1973, Maryland State Attorney Curran during Nixon's presidency, pushed the police agenda to grant them inmunity& impunity(police bill of rights) for the use of excesive use of force and later got it aproved by the Maryland legislature and all other states within the USA followed suit and US congressmen did the same, but what the Washinghton Post did was to exclude SCOTUS, Congressional overfunding with billions of USD, proliferation of prisons instead of social programs, politization of police unions, cities' overfunding police, police endorsements of presidential candidates..., militarizat

Excruciatengly painful is the silence of our friends Biden- Harris&their refusal to Abrogate Qualified inmunity&Carbon Pandemic!

Excruciatingly painful is the silence of our friends Biden-Harris& their refusal to abrogate Qualified inmunity& Carbon Pandemic! Ten years ago in answer to a meaningless call, the same Minneapolis police, responded by coldly torture-executed Robert Smith. Same Mineapolis police responded to a meaningless counterfeit bill call and coldly torture- executed George Floyd. How is it humanly possible since 2010 cold torture execution of Robert Smith, the same Mineapolis police Department, has been pernitting the unrepentant pattern of cold torture-execution that caused in 2020 the life of George Floyd, without the US Department of Justice and the Minnesota State Attorney and the US congress and the Minnesota legislature kept granting them qualified inmuninity & impunity that cost at least one victim/ week to be subjected to this torture-execution, of Knee restraint/ Choquehold, but luckily there were survivors to this deadly israeli training of USA's police officers? Thi

Abrogate Carbon Pandemic Now, only possible with a true American, by, for and of the People: @joekennedy

AbrogateCarbonNow only possible with a true American by, for& of the People: @joekennedy! Under the excuse of producing 10% dirty electricity with Markey's NGD plan, do you realize you are adding millions of nuclear megatons to kill us with mass genocide, in a space& terrestrial nuclear holocaust of Humanity? Markey is perpetuating& legalizing Carbon Pandemic Holocaust in USA& the Paris Agreement, under the excuse of taxing Carbon 60USD/Ton& double credit carbon Taxing Carbon Pandemic Holocaust of Humanity makes no difference to our unjust Extinction! Token 65K wind turbines make no difference to our unjust Human extinction by Carbon Pandemic! Weatherizing 6M windows& creating more infrastructure carbon jobs to lay more carbon-asphalt& more guzzler trucks & deadly methane& Carbon gases, is a pseudo GND that sure steps up 20X genocidal carbon pandemic! Markey is selling a pseudo GND because it doesn't AbrogateCarbonNow but perpetat

Too little too late, Facebook feigned Mea Culpa doesn't resurrect their Kenosha victims!

Too little too late, Facebook feigned Mea Culpa does't resurrect their Kenosha victims! Over 99% agree FaceBook has the knowlege& technological power to stop any group or message at the snap of their fingers, but chose not to use algorythms to stop them bc to FB profits matters at any cost& not life nor social responsibility, transparency, follow the constitution or accountability and fairness. That's why FB has 4 billion accounts through its ilegal monopoly not only to identify & been making black lists of AntiCarbon, anti Transgenic Soy, anti red meat, anti nuclear, antifascism minded people through out the globe and has arbitrarily billions of times suspended them for not being Pro-carbon, even for meningless hashtags, FB sends ordinary customers, alert news but for all countless millions of pro carbon, pro fascism, 2nd amendment death squads militiamen, including QAnon and carbon politicians, FB shields, covers up, protects and enables them and exempts them

Abrogate 2nd Amendment&2nd Amendment Death Squats militiamen!

Abrogate 2nd Amendment& 2nd Amendment Death Squats militiamen! From Tyler& Austin, to Portland, To Minneapolis to Seatle...USA to Cochabamba, Bolivia Racist Confederate, Carbon, Cattle, Soy, the book of Racial Hatred& Genocide, 2nd Amendment Death Squats chant " Praise the Lord pass the Ammo& Take America Back Texas", while Police aides& abets them with their deadly genocide patriotism, hiding till Black Lives Matter oeaceful protestors, are intimidated, death threatened, assaulted, shot& murdered after Face book allowed them to spread&plan post their deadly misdeeds, hence polarizing& pushing towards low scale civil war if Mr Trump is not reelected and every citizen doesn't accept silence& complying with the 1% elite breed's dictates over 99%! Stop, stop, stop the crusaders who chant and cause bloodshed while bib le thumping, chanting, pulling the trigger on unarmed peaceful Black Lives Matter Jacob Blake protestors. Don

Dictator Anez will unleash Black October 2020 against Bolivian Indigenous Climate Defenders!

Dictator Anez will unlesh Black October 2020 against indigenous Climate Defenders! @JeanineAnez Despreciables tu colusion con AlmagroE Ilegal remocion de @PauloAbrao&Ahora mandas tus escuadrones de la muerte RJCochala pa cerrar fascistamente DP! Demandamos cumplas con 67/2019 medida cautelarCDH. Cruz defiende al pueblo&ALP es unica autoridad sobre DP& no WSantamaria! # ALPnombreYaSergioChoqS PresiInterino ExperenciadoHombre de Estado Mallku Felipe Campos evaluo patron postergacion elecciones& prorrogas&persecuciones e ilegal toma de DP e inhabilitacion contra Arce Catacora concluyo:Anez cancelara eleccionOctubre18! ALP nombreYaSergioChS PresiInterino o SufriremosOctubre Negro2020 Anez continues denying CoVid detection tests for all the Bolivian People&refusing to import Bipap & Cpap machines for CoVid Patients & refusing to purchase uegently needed Residivir medicine for patients' has no enacted plan against CoVid Pandemic and hides the c

Airlines' desinfectant: Does it protect you or kill you?

Airlines' Desinfectant: Does it protect you or kill you? In simple words: Airplanes do not use fresh atmospheric air but old beat up air conditioned, that is humanely impossible to desinfect the air and make CoVid free&safe. Toxic airlines do not care whether you die or live but profit and now are desperate to have you flying back under the false pretense of desinfecting your air in the airplane with a polymer coating desinfectant. Guess what? Your lungs like the ocean need humidity abd alveoli elisticity to inhale & exhale every second of your life, but if you let the airlines spraybyou with their desinfectabt that contain polymer/polymerase, tou will be helping them to kill not only your lungs, your organs and your life and your marine food chain, bc their polymer is permeable & insulator and sufficates your alveoli and disolaces the surfactant that keepshumid your lungs and as time runs, your alveoli and lungs become hardened and your lungs can bo longer contrac

Police shock the concience of America!

Police shock the concience of America! Police shock the concience of America, that previous to the shooting of 3 unarmed protestors in Kenosha, the police seeing him armed with a war assault rifle, while giving him a bottle of water, encouraged him to shoot. Then he went his way and then shot at 3 unarmed protestors and to avoid the protestors stop him physically and question him why he executed them, the shooter waived to several police vehicles and calmly deliver himself to the police. In all shooting, whenever shots are fired and the police see someone armed, they act according to police culture, " armed and dangerous" and shoot the armed shooter, who is a danger to others and himself, but this police force, shielded and protected the shooter and didn't let the FBI arrested him! There were death squats armed as the shooter at the scene but police didn't arrest them for being armed with assault rifles What a diservice to the rule of law and society, the l

Is it true or false about G Soros & his CoVid19 vaccine?

Is it true or false about G Soros& his CoVid19 vaccine? Fact: our peaceful Jewish ancestors suffered at Sobibor at an IG Farben death camp. Questions to be researched in order to ascertain a link between G Soros alleged owner of IG Farben: 1] Did Soros owned IG Farben? 2]Did Soros financed Moderna pharmaceutical 3] Moderna has antiCoVid19 vaccine now? 4] is it another politically rushed vaccine? Data, methodology and trial of vaccine... passed the FDA regular licensing or was it politically rushed & aproved an unsafe vaccine? 5] is sars-2-CoVid19 a lab created virus? 6] will the above alleged vaccine be enacted by compulsory policy vaccination onto the people, specially against us good shosshoos jews? 7] what will happen if vaccine is unsafe and distroy our inmine system, are we being subjected to subtle or undislosed Eugenics policy as the Oliver wendel Holmes eugenics policy was enscted in USA, then was exported by English and mostly USA Carbon corporations& politicians,

Open letter to Erik Solheim in re: Still misguided by fossil fuel& plastic policies?

Open letter to Dr Erik Solheim Re: Misguided by fossil fuel& plastics policies? Dear Dr Solheim: it saddens me, that misguided colleagues like you, adamantly repeat a subtle pattern of being apologists& empower & perpetuate fossil fuel& it's derivates&do not want to see the deadly consequences of microplastics, already in our human bodies are causing organs colapse& premature deaths of humans& animals and currently our babies feeding from our food chain, are breathing& ingesting microplastics from our food chain. Countless billions of animals dying and us humans edging slowly to the extiction brink, thanks to unrepentant BlackRock Carbon corporations and apologists like you, dear colleague. Will u magically remove ingested microplastics that last 500 years from our blood flow& organs, while BlackRock& its cohorts enrich and laugh at our pain, tears and suffering, when the solution is not Fossil fuel& derivates but AbrogateCarbonNow r

Please beware of CCRR 2nd Amendment Death Squads in our streets! (I)

   Please beware of CCRR 2nd Amendment Death Squats in our Streets! (I) Bad breed Confederate ReligousRacists for over 400 years have been enslaving& genociding Blacks, exported their RacistGenocide Credo from USA and as 2nd Amendment Death Squads have kept inmune& impunely murdering People of color in LatinAmerica Banana Republics! Now colluding, embedded, shielded& protected by white police, are reimposing their Cotton White Banana Republic USA, in our streets, where unarmed blacks are murdered by Police, but Against their own police credo, when finding armed people are declared " Armed& Dangerous" and are killed on the spot by here police officer have water, cued and when the white murderer murdered 2 and wounded a third unarmed innocent people of color, police didn't shoot the murderer who they saw him murdering people but didn't shoot him but protected him and witheld the name of the white murderer, who is a programmed-ticking bomb 2nd amendmen

Open letter to A Guterres& M Bachelet in re: Anez Genocides& tear gas violations

Open letter to @AntonioGuterres& @mbachelet Re: M Bachelet's Bolivia HR report& tear gas violations! Dear Antonio& Michelle: I've read your report and you are only raising questions about the Sacaba& Senkata dead& wounded victims and President Anez's Decree 4078. You Mitchelle slap Anez on the wrist& empower her to evade her government's responsibilities for violating HR. Yet be reminded, the UN, EU and USA put Anez in power since Nov 12th 2019 and have continued to perpetuate multiple times Anez in power with implied threats of economic and political consequences to Bolivia, which caused the indigenous oposition two week old civil Disobedience for Elections in sept 6th, to give up and you imposed the octuber 18th election, which will cause higher count of indigenous victims bc of the arrival of the 2nd wave of CoVid19, forewarned by WHO! Mitchelle you white wash Anez' Sacaba&Senkata genocides& uselessly recomend for the Bolivia

Are J Anez& J Bolsonaro pacifying or genociding Indigenous Climate Defenders?

Are J Anez& J Bolsonaro pacifying or genociding Indigenous Climate Defenders? Following Trump's irresponsible policies, both delivered similar verbose fake recitals, magnified by their controlled monopolistic media, "United together, we'll bring pacification and win over seditious terrorists,to save lives and bring prosperity and jobs for the people" Following their Genocide by Decree 4078, after Nov 15&Nov 19 2019, UstachaNazi Jeanine Anez& her lover butcher Murillo and Lopez her Defense minister, police chief and their death squads Cochala youth & Youth crucena Civica, assasinated 40 indigenous Climate Defenders and wounded mortally 400 victims and Anez got their magnified fake news plaster in&outside Bolivia, without shooting anyone, we brought pacification in Huayllani& Senkata" then lied further alleging falsely protestors shot their own people, whichbis a patent lie bc only the military, police and the Gov dead squats have the mo

Mr Biden& Mr Trump, dare U, turn guns into shovels?

Mr Biden& Mr Trump dare U, turn guns into shovels? Why Biden&Trump& overfunded police setting up a state of terror against Tax-payers by racially genociding us with Deadly force, tear gas, violence & Carbon Pandenmic in front of children&then "Soul of da nation is pierced" speaking empty words instead of Abrogating 2nd Amendment, Defunding& taking police off schools& off our streets, turn guns into shovels& Abrogating Carbon Pandemic& Nuclear weapons now?

Are U all talk or will you join massive Civil Disobedience to save our forests....?

Are U all talk or will you join massive Civil Disobedience to save our forests& indigenous Climate Defenders? There are many good jewish people like Itzak Rabin but sadly most Badshooshoos in Govs, Banking-Carbon corporations & on transgenic flora&fauna& the red meat market among others, are controlled by badshooshoos jews, who only care for profits, even as they are arsoning systematically all the forests of our Mother Earth& maliciously genociding Indigenous Climate Defenders, Biodiversity& Ecosystems irreversibly! These monopolistic badshooshoos manipulate & control govs by pulling their strings from behind. Some of those are EvoMorales, Jeanine Anez, Jair Bolsonaro etc. In 2009 we confronted badshooshoos Latifundio CroatJews who wanted to genocide Indigenous and destroy Bolivia to make their all white Half Moon Croat Republic in the heart of Amazon. We went towards The city of Santa Cruz but Latifundio Croat jews met secretly with Evo and suddenly Ev

Old Caudillos vs New True leaders, before Anez closes Congress!

Old caudillos vs New true leaders before Anez closes Congress! A caudillo is a coward who remains on the hind lines hiding while sending others to fight on the vanguard. He deceives the people by propanganda and builts his deification while alive and makes secret deals and embeds with any party that supports his individualistic narcissistic megalomaniac wishes. Talks of change but nevet changes the economic, political& social steuctures and deceives the people by brainwashing them culturally into believing he is brought change but there us no change but resignation to remain poor under the caudillo, who with his cabinet of many parties shows off lavish parties and luxeries to say that's progress but it's not bc its the old horderers system and his overabubdance is not the peopke's oveabundance and he pays & rewards the ones who lip service him before the people and becomes nepotist olygarchy wrongly called revolutionary but no economic, polirical nor social struct

Purchase Bi-pap, C-pap machines instead of costly intrusive AntiCoVid respirators!

Purchase Bi-pap, C-pap machines instead of costly intrusive Anti-CoVid respirators! About February 2020, retired Doctor Felipe Campos advised poor countries that have no money to order large numbers of respirators/ ventilators to fight CoVid 19, to ask a for CoVid patients, a doctor who can write them a prescription for a Bi-pap or even C pap machine and purchase it with their own savings for 2K USD with their own savings. And if they are broke, place the covid patient sleep on side position or face down to help their weak lungs breath. Dictator J Anez didn't listen and imported 170 overpriced respirators and bc they are missing electronic digitalized components, they became useless and are rottening in storage, bc you can't use them for emergency use. Now end August 2020 most doctors in industrialized nations are using instead of trachea- lung invasive respirators/ ventilators, bi-pap machines or c-papa machines and flupping their hospital Covid19 patients to their sides or

Weir die echte Frau Merkel austehen?

Weir die echte Frau Merkel austehen? Sie und Groko haben leere worte und slogans gesprochen. Um trangenes soja und rotes fleish zu essen, genozidieren sie uns mit threm handelsabrokommen zwischen der EU dem Mercosur durch Verbrennen von Amazonas und SubAndean waldern! Sie dringen in lander ein und verkaufen todliche waffen, billiges ol & gas zubekommen! #HebenSieJetztKohlenstoffAuff, wen sie sich um die Menschheit kummen! #EUMERCOSURhandelsabrokommenAufheben

Govs burning forests are committing genocide of their own people!

Govs burning forests are committing genocide of their own people! Through out the world forests are being burnt! And In many cities of California heart is breaking to see our children's future disappear in dark plumes of smoke& dangerous to see 200 fires tormenting our livesAsCarbonGas+Spark With permanent irreversible carbon Pandemic, fires are evidence of imminent Extinction! # AbrogateCarbonNow Trees produce biodiversity, humidity, rain and purify oxygen we need to breath every second of our lives. And govs burning the forests of their countries to profit with transgenic soy& red meat, are causing genocide by burning the forests, by peoducing toxic deadly smoke that kills people with pre existing medical conditions and mass kill normal people with dry air that spreads Covid19! Medical Science has proven that people who keep their forests which produce humidity over 40% in the air they breath, suffer less CoVid% bc humidity created by trees condenses and drops al

Are we Americans cherishing life, liberty& Human Rights?

Are we Americans cherishing life, liberty& Human rights? Americans thought to be the modern pioneers who cherish life, liberty& Human Rights are asking themselves the following: If we cherish life, after genociding Native Americans, enslaving blacks over 400 years, exporting confederate aryan racism iconed by Supre court Justice Oliver Wendel Holmes, unconstitutionally interning japanese americans in concentration camps& indefinite detemtion of immigrants in concentration camps and cruelly separating their children from their parents, why have we been glorying mass genocide as heroism under FDR& H Truman by dropping Nukes in Hiroshima& Nagasaki after they surrendered & we didn'tvwant to hear it& space nuclear warfare race& 20X carbon Pandemic that stuffs carbon to our bodies till it kills us with cancer and we do it in the name of prosperity, the american dream and Democracy? If we cherish Liberty, how come we are not free from gov unconstitut

Gasman Antichrist Biden Never keeps his promises!

Gasman Antichrist Biden never keeps his promises! GasmanAnticristBiden was about to drop his primary election bid at South Carolina, BlackRock CarbonBankCorporations along with its Democrat Superdelegates bought out Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobucher & Kamala Harris, who droppedout and inmediatelly endorsed AdolfBiden for being their lifetime carbon champion. GasmanAntichristBiden obeyed BlackRock Carbon corpolrations and accepted bankercarbon Kamala Harris as his VP and at the digital convention, he got all the super delegate votes &the ones who won and was nominated the Republica- Denocratic Presid candidate and when the youth and american climate defenders asked to officially embrace the New Green Deal he had orally agreed with them, his. Ampaign manager said. "What are you doing here?" AdolfBiden officially admitted he is not going to embrace the Neww Green Deal, but will adopt a policy of massive nuclear plants instead of solar energy but will built token turbine

Good or Evil Mark Zuckerberg?

Good or evil Mark Zuckerberg? Is Mark Zuckerberg the greatest benefactor of Humanity or the monopolistic Black Angel of death by means of his giving free mileage to the terrorist armed militiamen known as the umbrella QAnon, which Zuckerberg doesn't suspend near 10 million members but an insignificant token of them? While we suffer bread scarcity under CoVid19, since March to present, Zuckerberg's billions increased by 65%. Is that good or evil hoarding of wealth by this breed, who control the global carbon economy that is taking us near extinction while they increase carbon and their hoarding profits? With almost 4 billion accounts, his FB misrepresentations become the truth on CoVid19? Exception of fact-check FB policy to politicians lies, and he gets to chose who wins and looses elections and carbon Pandemic growth? You be the judge!

Global carbon economy is in ...this breed's hands

The global carbon economy, transgenic food, including red meat is in this breed's hands Greta's 2 years of global Climate emergency protests have not changed the carbon economy nor dented it but tragically increased 10 x deadly carbon gases, forest fires, permafrost& glaciars melting & ocean seabed drilling and fracking is up and extractigng more oil& gas, despite the CoVid pandemic! Like a Brown shirt caudillo, JewishAmerican presidentTrump is feuding with secretive bully blackshirt AdolfBiden on Nov3, who can better produce 20x deadly carbon gases but BlackRock Carbon Corporations& their politicians have already cast the dice against the brown shirt reelection and raising billions of dolars for their secretive bully black shirt for office, while their breed continues to arson the forests and the flora and the fauna, biodiversity and eco systems, for transgenic flora and fauna, to permanently distroy the natural organic biodiversity, which they don't ow

RacistaUstachaNaziAnez no tiene intencion de materializar elecciones!

RacistaUstachaNaziA├▒ez no tiene intencion de materializar elecciones! Los Mamani& los Campos compartieron un qogawi de oca, con cordero, queso,verduras& llajwa con su kilki├▒ita & bebieron un fermento de maiz pa secar la sed despues de cosechar oca. Ese saborcito de la oca aprendio de bebe cuando aun gateaba el q seria Mallku Felipe Campos, quien siempre extrana la oca desde q Garcia Mesa, Evo&Anez lo exiliaron& al verte Quispe compartir oca con el hermano, lagrimeaba al extranar la patria, oca, kilkina,papa lisa&su chicha pura! Felipe Quispe, te agradecemos por compartir tu sencillez de pueblo. Lo importante es no permitir q esta racista dictadora Genocida continue ilegalmente privatizando nuestras pocas empresas, nos incendie niestra flora y faunsa y regale trillones de dolares en Litio, el oro moderno de esta era digital y nos genocide con bala, gaseandoos, corona hambre , corona pandemia y carbon pandemico. No somos de ningun partido, somos indigenas de

...Coup D'etats to steal oil and perpetuate oil...

Making Coup D'etats to steal oil & perpetuate oil with Paris Agreement Carbon stock Market They media blitzed us with twin towers airplane crashes, then they impose the pseudo Patriot Act and invaded Irak & then Afghanistan for oil. Then invaded Syria financed with dollars created the islamic State in part of Syria, all for oil. Where you see them executing Coup D'etas , its all about oil! Created a fake Guaido president with EU complicity, all for oil! government . Now BlackRock Oil corporations, Mr Trump, Merkel& Macron&Johnson created a Belarusian crisis using belarusian citizens as cannon fodder and Lukashenko is fallen for it and in a short time after economic sanction by manipulated EU under the excuse of Democracy& human rights, these EliteCarbonBankers who want to increase 20x carbon emissions& perpetuate oil, will have consumated another Coup D'etat and BieloRusian oil& gas will be enriching this elitecarbon bankers, a state with

Academic indoctrination, one of the causes of Neocolonial carbon power perpetuation!

Academic indoctrinacion, one of the causes of Neocolonial Carbon power perpetuation! Many academicians like myself, expected him to become the next chancellor but we were surprised when he challenged our breed of people who control academia in the USA, through the bankers, Oil corporations, gov in power, academic senate, etc. His words echo in my ears, fresh as it happen then Doctoral candidates are expected to reproduce this white confederate carbon economic power house, so penalty of beig flunked, blacklisted, surveillanced, retaliated and destroyed for bucking the zelite System who controls all the spheres, from Religion, to business, to gov, to transnational& multinational carbon corporations, military, police, etc" " look sround our universities and no more academic freedom but each building was for sale and carry now the names not of scientists who helped americans and humanity but bankers, oilmen, rich elitists, like Bechtel, Kroeber, Hastings and in many ca

JoeBiden false savior/ Antichrist is going to kill us with his deadly militarized police!

JoeBiden, false savior/ Antichrist is going to kill us with his killer militarized police! AntiChrist JoeBiden is deadlier than big mouthTrump bc secret& silently before he is elected president he's overfunding his killer military police with bilions of dollars and 300 million for comunity spying through eletronic means, inteligence gatering against our own citizens is a taste of how dangerously he will use his overfunded deadly militarized police against us tax payers! This is not America but military dictatorship under Biden- Harris, evil as Trump-Pence!  Don't risk your life to CoVid, withany form of voting. None of these deadly presidential candidates is worth our lives. Please remain safe for your children, rather than die for these blood thirsty candidates who pay our rent, &don't bail out the people, don't invest in our future but endlessly push for neverending oil wars, carbon genocide, overfunding their deadly militarized police who made our streets

SOS for Bolivian Indigenous Climate Defenders suffering denyal of CoVid medical assistance!

SOS for Bolivian indigenous Climate Defenders suffering denyal of CoVid medical assistance! After pocketing around 3 billion dollars in gifts and loans to fight the CoVid epidemic, Racist Dictator Anez, sits iddle while countless indigenous Climate Defenders die at home bc of being denied medications and CoVid respirators, bc Anez dehumanized and hates them and calls them satanic and coldly waits for them to die, to decrease votes against her. That's why she keeps cacelling elections, until she can have decreased numbers of AntiAnez Voters and despite the Boivian congress having aproved a compulsory law mandating profiteer private clinics(3KUSD/night) to treat them free of charge. Anez has Defacto condemned them to die bc she refuses to sign the law that would save indigenous Climate Defenders lives bc Mr Trump has said so to her and she complies willing and wanton those orders, bc she wants to win elections and the only way is to kill as many as she can by not signing said sa

Satanica Anez con su falso& Satanico dios Yahweh nos Gasea!

Satanica Anez con su falso&satanico dios Yahweh nos gasea! Satanico es prometer falsamente& Aatanicanente Genocidar a indigenas pa quitarles tierras, colonialmente en nombre de tu falso Dios Yaweh/JehovaSatanGenocida como Uds RacistasUstachaNaziCroataJudioGenocidas q conetieron Henocidio en Huayllani&Senkata& Samaipata&Colquiri! #BenianosTeGritanFASCISTA por ser satanica incendiaria latifundista pititaRosquera Asesina, q asesinas negandonos respiradores& medicinas y bonus pa matarnos de hambre y con Corona y asesinarnos con rifles de guerra& con gases nos asesinas! Solo el pueblo salva al pueblo & no el dios colonialista ni sus colonialistas RacistasUstachaNaziJudioCroataGenocidas q por renteria nos atacan& quie ren crear sobre nuestros csdaveres, su blanca republica "LunallenaCroata"

Biden-Harris, Trump-Pence don't care about making us homeless, only getting elected at our cost!

 Biden-Harris, Trump- Pence don't care making us homeless but getting elected at our cost! Seating SenatorCandidates Biden-Harris don't care what happens to countless Americans facing homelessness bc to these carbonBankers only being elected& carbonprofit matters& TrumpPenceLike they will promise you anything to get elected then forget U've made homeless bc they will indebt generations with new trillions of dollars in debt to perpetually subsidize their carbon cow, arms race nuclear warfare, tax cuts for CarbonBankers and with a carbon tax& doublecarbon credits, bribe gov heads to aprove their old Obama-Biden scheme at Paris agreement, which is now the biggest carbon stock trade market seeking to become carbon neutral by 2050 or 2035 but given the fact most climate tipping points are being exceeded presently by 2035 or 2050, the cheating BlackRock, G7&BRICS will have irreversibly mass leading us to extinction by gassing us with carbon gas, methane, athousa

Protest for Belorussians& Bolivian indigenous Climate Defenders!

Protest for Belorussian& Bolivian Climate Defenders! BlackRock carbon corporations don't care the political color of your country, whether they poisons the food you eat, the water you drink, the air you breath and whether as a consequence of their deadly carbon emissions, your offspring suffer birth defects or you are massively inprisoned or killed, as long as your government submits& colluding with them, make outrageous profits at the expense of the people. Look around and you find China colluding with BlackRock carbon Corps and hail capitalism, hail profit and shut people off! Look at Belorus& Bolivia, where peaceful but brave people with bare hands challenge their opressive governments armed to the teeth and BlackRock carbon corporations' media acts with a Double Standard! Brave Belorusians have suffered not only a presidential fraud election but are being human rights violated, killed, imprisoned, forced to declare no more protests under extortion-coercion

Why are we allowing wreckless BlackRock Carbon Corporations, freely perpetuate deadly oil spills?

Why are we allowing wreckless BlackRock CarbonCorps, freely perpetuate deadly oil spills? Why humanity allows these unseaworthy ships navigating&transporting deadly oil cargo that poisons our food chain, biodiversity&ecology we depend on? Create& enforce penal laws to outlaw &enforce no more oil transportation but use only solar Energy or we are irreversiblyGenocided!

The saviors didn't come but the Gasmen are still here!

The saviors didn't come but the Gassmen are still here! Seeking to escape EvilRacistCarbonTrump, The media is sown anxiety for saviors in Biden- Harris, but if they win the Nov3 election, they will perpetuate carbon, nuclear arms race, Never eding oil wars, never ending carbon subsidies, gun rights& over funding police and Authoritarianism! Voting polls are not absolute but indicators of Trump's EitistRacistCarbon policies at the cost of citizens suffering are an abysmal failure and he is got 3 more months to keep ranting& throwing hos tantrums and crying wolf, wolf, wolf but he is in his way out. People of color having been victims of his deadly racist carbon policies& deregulation of insuficient& scarce EPA laws see sice Andrew Jackson's genocidal policies, never in the history of our country has any president united us with his open Racism, warmongering bully tactics, callous and insidious lies, he is alienated us by attempting to famine americans. Sp