Abrogate 2nd Amendment&2nd Amendment Death Squats militiamen!

Abrogate 2nd Amendment& 2nd Amendment Death Squats militiamen!

From Tyler& Austin, to Portland, To Minneapolis to Seatle...USA to Cochabamba, Bolivia
Racist Confederate, Carbon, Cattle, Soy, the book of Racial Hatred& Genocide, 2nd Amendment Death Squats chant "
Praise the Lord pass the Ammo& Take America Back Texas", while Police aides& abets them with their deadly genocide patriotism, hiding till Black Lives Matter oeaceful protestors, are intimidated, death threatened, assaulted, shot& murdered after Face book allowed them to spread&plan post their deadly misdeeds, hence polarizing& pushing towards low scale civil war if Mr Trump is not reelected and every citizen doesn't accept silence& complying with the 1% elite breed's dictates over 99%!
Stop, stop, stop the crusaders who chant and cause bloodshed while bib le thumping, chanting, pulling the trigger on unarmed peaceful Black Lives Matter Jacob Blake protestors.
Don't go the way of violence bc violence begets violance& is a bottomless hell hole that swallows, victims& their executioners!
These Theocratic Authoritarians blindly believe & recite the deadly genocides of their created god, " Everybody was born in sin....and god slew, the Jebuzites... the Hamonites, the Hitites...and god said, you are my people upon this rock I shall write...the covenant..." and jump to, " zion, zion, zion your glory day is coming & our liberator is bringing a millenium of peace..."
"Christ's blood cleanses my sins. To die is to live, bc christ will resurrect me& I shall live with christ, who seats at the right side of god& will rule..."
Their god are human racist writers, who committed genocides, who discriminates& segregates & accepts only his followers and makes of his unfollowers, genocided people. Their writer god and followers arbitrarily made themselves, through their made up "covenant", "the people of god " and 99% of humanity is not god's? What a hipocrite god that said, he created all them all but rejects 99% of his creation!
How self righteous& self serving& evil genocider!
Wrongly believing, "...zion your glory day is coming with a liberator bringing a millenium of peace"
Theirs is a blank check for any evil doer to genocide humans under the excuse he is the liberstor bring a millenim of peace, bc born Jewish Austrian Hitler, went after our goodshooshoos jewish pacifists who refuse to do evil, Hitler a naturalized German put them on concentration camps and ordered badshooshoos Kapo jews to exploit the innocent& unjustly genocided them, all under his self righteous& self serving economic interests, to steal his victims fortunes and banked them in Switzerland&UK& USA. All under the excuse of a millenium of peace, as these 2nd Amedment Death squats bible thumbing, self righteous& self serving theocrats.
The Constitution& the rule of law give us duties& rights but the above evil doers removed personal responsibility as Atanasius& Hitler from themselves and made their murders& genocide sins to write them in Jesus as a
blank check for them to be exempted from the consequences of their murders& genocider acts, then blindly follow the cult of Death and be with their UnprovenChrist, instead of respecting and preserving life!
Pseudo painting themselves as, "patriots" they are roaming our streets in Tyler Texas all the way to Bolivia with Dictator& genocider bible thumber Jeanine Anez, who orders the Death Squats to murder peaceful indigenous Climate protestors. Matterbof Fact, following the dictates of their Racist book of Hatred& genocide, Anez committed genocides with her patriot death squats in Sacaba, Senkata, Samaipata, Colcapirhua, all for Carbon, cattle, transgenic soy...

Right at the heart of the Oil interests, Texas, the book of Racial hatred& genocide, and from the palace of Bible Thumber& genocider Anez's presidential palace, it shines the source of the cult of Death and we hear every day, "Praise the Lord, pass the Ammo and take America Back Texas"
And are empowered by Facebook, who prior to shootings murderous acts, using Facebook, organized, planned and them executed them in Kenosha, Wisconsin& Facebook's mea culpa, doesn't exempt them for being accomplices by aiding and abetting them through the 4 billion accounts it monopolizes. FaceBook can't resurrect the unarmed innocent victims of Kenosha.
We demand to investigate&charge them along with 2nd Amendment Death squats militiamen, who use Facebook for these unjust deadly murders& wounding people and demand Congress to break down Facebook as AT&T, for being an evil deadly monopoly!
Should Mr Biden, Harris& Trump& Congress fail to Act, they will continue to bear the responsibility of these unjust death and the ones which will occur by them purposefuly refusing to #Abrogate2ndAmendment to bear arms & #Abrogate 2nd Amendment Death Squats Militianen, bc Biden, Harris, Trump empower& perpetuate murder of countless grievance& innocent victims!

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