Abrogate Carbon Pandemic Now, only possible with a true American, by, for and of the People: @joekennedy

only possible with a true American by, for& of the People: @joekennedy!

Under the excuse of producing 10% dirty electricity with Markey's NGD plan, do you realize you are adding millions of nuclear megatons to kill us with mass genocide, in a space& terrestrial nuclear holocaust of Humanity?

Markey is perpetuating& legalizing Carbon Pandemic Holocaust in USA& the Paris Agreement, under the excuse of taxing Carbon 60USD/Ton& double credit carbon
Taxing Carbon Pandemic Holocaust of Humanity makes no difference to our unjust Extinction!

Token 65K wind turbines make no difference to our unjust Human extinction by Carbon Pandemic!

Weatherizing 6M windows& creating more infrastructure carbon jobs to lay more carbon-asphalt& more guzzler trucks & deadly methane& Carbon gases, is a pseudo GND that sure steps up 20X genocidal carbon pandemic!

Markey is selling a pseudo GND because it doesn't AbrogateCarbonNow but perpetatuate stuffing deadly carcinogenic carbon into our lungs and our innocent children's lungs and kills us too prematurely at a rate higher than 7 million citizens, yet unfazed Markey tells anything to get reelected and crash a true antiCarbon fighter @joekennedy
We all know the Kennedy clan didn't hesitate to fight& die for us:

NOW @joekennedy
With Joekennedy we have a chance to trully have a true GreenNewDeal Abrogating carbon Pandemic now!
I go for SenatorKennedy&you& your children?

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