Academic indoctrination, one of the causes of Neocolonial carbon power perpetuation!

Academic indoctrinacion, one of the causes of Neocolonial Carbon power perpetuation!

Many academicians like myself, expected him to become the next chancellor but we were surprised when he challenged our breed of people who control academia in the USA, through the bankers, Oil corporations, gov in power, academic senate, etc.
His words echo in my ears, fresh as it happen then

Doctoral candidates are expected to reproduce this white confederate carbon economic power house, so penalty of beig flunked, blacklisted, surveillanced, retaliated and destroyed for bucking the zelite System who controls all the spheres, from Religion, to business, to gov, to transnational& multinational carbon corporations, military, police, etc"

" look sround our universities and no more academic freedom but each building was for sale and carry now the names not of scientists who helped americans and humanity but bankers, oilmen, rich elitists, like Bechtel, Kroeber, Hastings and in many cases includes the name of universities like, Standford dedicated to a questionable colluder, retaliator, bribery man"

" The temples of knowledge have been converted and are preserved as sold out institutions, serving carbon interests...who threaten our very human existence with extinction..."

"Who becomes elected or appointed authority italwayscomes to these: has his rabbi recomeded te candidate? Is he one of us? Does he know us and do we know him?
Is he going to further our agenda and economic interests? Have his publishing furthered our breed and interests?

" Has he donated to our breeds institutions and the cause of a unipolar world direted by our breed of special people?
Ideologic dominance in all the spheres of influence has been accomplished since Hamilton's days to our days and god forbid if the candidate bucks the system"
" To be a chancellor or a university president orebven further to becomethe USA president is the mark of success& reputation recognized by our breed of people, but at what cost?"

"Power and money are intrinsic to carbon.
Money as a means of access to power and power as a means of control over large segments of our country and beyond through our alumni but power can make you a master or a slave.
A master if you are narcissistic, megalomaniac and obessesed compulsive idovidusl to hoard money, jewelry, material goods for you and your descendants but to ordinary people like me, who don't want to become pharoahs or the power behind pharoah pulling his strings, feels like one is lost one's soul in the process to become a rich Elitist hoarderer for generations and even then can't spend it all ihis shortlife and can't carry it pharoe like to the after life. So one becomes a slave. A slave to the breed of people who put him to power, a slave whose stringsare pulled. Do i want to be a slave?"

Dr Felipe Campos left us open mouthed, for he was questioning and unapproving the self rifhteous, self serving breed of people who wanted to rule him from behind the curtain. He said power for Hamiltonian white confederate people is one of the causes of this, "Destructive, genocidal carbon capitalism which belongs to the special breed of people, who want to perpetuate carbon with a carbon tax and double credit carbon through the Paris Agreement, "I do not want to sell human life nor sell a pseudo academia that is no more free but slave who perpetuates indoctrinating generations of students to carbon! Carbon polution that has exceeded most climate tipping points and we're at danger of extinction now, not in 2050 but now! And unless we abrogate carbon now, we are dooming ourselves! I actively refuse to play the carbon game and at presentand under this circunstances i thank you but no thank you. I can't accept this nomi
nation. I'd rather be an ordinary human, but not a stringed carbon university appointee.."
There was a silence & then a surprise in people's faces.
After, when we were out having a cup of organic coffee by ourselves. I asked him how to defeat Neocolinialists ideology,
" you be wasting your time through their pseudo democratic means bc its rotten and useless! You can do it through peaceful massive civil disobedience, the only way"
Countless days passed and few of us are still with him & know only when people join massive civil disobedience, we can have the power to abrogate carbon

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