Airlines' desinfectant: Does it protect you or kill you?

Airlines' Desinfectant: Does it protect you or kill you?
In simple words:
Airplanes do not use fresh atmospheric air but old beat up air conditioned, that is humanely impossible to desinfect the air and make CoVid free&safe.
Toxic airlines do not care whether you die or live but profit and now are desperate to have you flying back under the false pretense of desinfecting your air in the airplane with a polymer coating desinfectant.
Guess what?
Your lungs like the ocean need humidity abd alveoli elisticity to inhale & exhale every second of your life, but if you let the airlines spraybyou with their desinfectabt that contain polymer/polymerase, tou will be helping them to kill not only your lungs, your organs and your life and your marine food chain, bc their polymer is permeable & insulator and sufficates your alveoli and disolaces the surfactant that keepshumid your lungs and as time runs, your alveoli and lungs become hardened and your lungs can bo longer contract to help you inhale fresh air and exhale old air and you doe of lung cancer, etc
That polymer when washes out, being heavy and plastic like, impermeable& insulator, ends in drains, to the rivers ti the ocean and kills marine life and tou will smekk tge stink of tons of intoxicated dead fish etc and you'll see your dead ocean and famine will make us their pray. This airline desinfectant and alleged magic antiCovid is as deadly as banned DDT, agent orange, asbestos, ingested microplastics in your organs and blood vessels & what is worst is like benzine deadly carcinogenic!
And what is worst, the maker of this airline Covid desinfectant, failed to produce long term consequences on your health and life, due to deadly polymer. So is it a politically rushed & licensed desinfectant, without the rigorous test for long term consequences& insufficient testing!

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