American workers join us protestors, banging empty pots against CoVidFamine!

American workers join us protestors, banging empty pots against CoVidFamine!

Republican& Democrat presidential candidates and their parties believe it is their misguided patriotism to endlessly keep subsidizing carbon/oil, bc without oil there can't continue their Neverending oil wars which are vital to their private Elite carbon interests and have denied 600 miserable dollars/week to 30 million tax paying american workers, by having let expired the enhanced unemployment benefits and rent delayed evictions, this way killing the 3 trillion dollars Covid stimulus package.
In the richest country of the world, unthankful& evil carbon candidates Biden& Trump, don't give a dime for our children and gradchildren CoVidFamine, bc they are the hoarderer #EliteRacist CarbonStateWithinAState but despite the upcoming second wave of CoVid Pandemic, they expect us to vote for them on Nov3 2020. You can bet your ass, we will not CoVid endanger ourselves to vote for either of you!
Dressing apropriatelly antiCoVid mask and keeping social distance, american workers, join us protestors on the streets, banging empty kitchen pots, till these unthankful bitch candidates and their parties enact a people's enhanced stimulus package of 7 trillion dollars, or the whole National economy will sink in a "W Economic Severe Recession" and #CovidFamine will become the daily reality in not only USA but humanity in the midsts of an imminent second wave of CoVid pandemic

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