Are J Anez& J Bolsonaro pacifying or genociding Indigenous Climate Defenders?

Are J Anez& J Bolsonaro pacifying or genociding Indigenous Climate Defenders?

Following Trump's irresponsible policies, both delivered similar verbose fake recitals, magnified by their controlled monopolistic media, "United together, we'll bring pacification and win over seditious terrorists,to save lives and bring prosperity and jobs for the people"

Following their Genocide by Decree 4078, after Nov 15&Nov 19 2019, UstachaNazi Jeanine Anez& her lover butcher Murillo and Lopez her Defense minister, police chief and their death squads Cochala youth & Youth crucena Civica, assasinated 40 indigenous Climate Defenders and wounded mortally 400 victims and Anez got their magnified fake news plaster in&outside Bolivia, without shooting anyone, we brought pacification in Huayllani& Senkata" then lied further alleging falsely protestors shot their own people, whichbis a patent lie bc only the military, police and the Gov dead squats have the monopoly of weapons of death & they had at hand a signed presidencial inmunity decree 4078, so it's the Gov who genocided unarmed indigenous protestors, who she racially hates as "satanic", another insidious false narrative!

Following Evo& Eva Copa's surrender to cancel elections until Octuber 18, right after to 2 weeks of Civil Disobedience, Anez had her fake new plaster everywhere, "We brought elections pacification without a shot& no victims in Bolivia"
But to a greater extend her media hid the Samaipata&
Colcapirhua genocide and merciless agression with war forbidden chemical weapons, that today UN Gral Secretary GUTERRES got all members of Security Council, except USA, voting for it, reminding worlwide, it is against the UN HR charter and the Geneva convention laws of war, forbidding the use of tear gas even in war combat zones, worst against their own civilians& Non- Combatant people" which means Bolsonaro&Anez and even Mr Trump committed crimes against humanity.

Recently the NY Times confirmed Dr Felipe Campos denunciation, against governments, who are hiding the true statistics of Covid19 pandemic victims, for political and self serving reasons. Case in point AnezUstachaNaziGenocider reported less than 5K dead CoVid victims, when in fact more than 20K indogenous Clinzte defenders were genocided with CoVid by Anez, who has continued to deny urgently needed CoVid medicines, respirators, reactive CoVid tests, hospital beds, etc.

How did this happened?
Dr Felipe Campos had a hypothesis: "Simple. it all comes down to Anez ongoing refusal to provide reactive CoVid tests to all the people; the colapse of the sanitary system in Bolivia, the colapse of crematoriums in Bolivia, the colapse of cemeteries, the colapse of indigenous families, who being denied medical attention, have no other resource than keep their dead in their humble homes or abandon them on the streets" the New York Times had more resources and they confirmed their theories of unreported and hiden CoVid casualties being extremely high for a less densely populated Bolivia, which is higher than the USA's casualties 160K, from 333 million inhabitants.
"If i were not exiled& were the president of the Bolivian Senate, Already I would have impeached Anez for CoVid Genocide, Huayllani, Senkata, Samaipata& Colcapirhua genocides and for Genocidal decree 4078 and be for 6 months interim president so our Bolivisn people may elect a legitimate government who can tackle CoVid pandemic, abrogate arsonists laws 1098, 7933, take 20 million hectars back from Latifundio Crucenos and trial& sentence and imprisoned all incendiary presidents& CroatRacists who burned our children's National estate& murdered so many innocent victims"

I add, either ALP congress names an interim president or god save Bolivians who are not only being reaped off of trullions of dollars in Lithium, etc but it will increase 100 fold the number of dead people bc by anez pocketing close to 3 billion dollars and denying the people respirators,medicines& Bipap and Cpap breathing machines, Anez is commiting genocide of indigenous Climate Defenders, who she condemns them to die for not being white CroatJews but indigenous!

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