Are U all talk or will you join massive Civil Disobedience to save our forests....?

Are U all talk or will you join massive Civil Disobedience to save our forests& indigenous Climate Defenders?

There are many good jewish people like Itzak Rabin but sadly most Badshooshoos in Govs, Banking-Carbon corporations & on transgenic flora&fauna& the red meat market among others, are controlled by badshooshoos jews, who only care for profits, even as they are arsoning systematically all the forests of our Mother Earth& maliciously genociding Indigenous Climate Defenders, Biodiversity& Ecosystems irreversibly!
These monopolistic badshooshoos manipulate & control govs by pulling their strings from behind. Some of those are EvoMorales, Jeanine Anez, Jair Bolsonaro etc.
In 2009 we confronted badshooshoos Latifundio CroatJews who wanted to genocide Indigenous and destroy Bolivia to make their all white Half Moon Croat Republic in the heart of Amazon. We went towards The city of Santa Cruz but Latifundio Croat jews met secretly with Evo and suddenly Evo disbanded us & few days after he embedded politically with these croatJew seditious& favor them with transgenic flora& fauna and decree law 1098& 3973, known much later as the pro-Arsonist Laws& through INRA gave the croat latiundists/Agrobussiness & mine corps colluders 10 million hectares of Amazon & SuBAndean burnt land for trasngenic soy& red meat!
These same UstachaNazi CroatJews paid him bad& lead by CIA overthrew Evo with a Civil Military Coup D'etat and imposed Cattle Latifundist corp Jeanine Anez, a fake democrat god fearing bible thumber as president who does evil. And She is burning over 10 million hectares in Amazon(PLUS policy) by using same pro-forest arsonists laws 1098& 3973& Nal& world media are silently not publishing these badshooshoos are burning our lungs of humanity to export transgenic soy & red meat to the EU! EU so far has refuse to abrogate their genocidal trade deal EU- Mercosur, to import & feed you on your european dinner tables at the cost of indigenous genocide and Amazon biodiversity genocide.
How can you eurioeans talk of human rights, do nothing but let Anez, Bolsonaro burn irreversibly what took thousands of years to create?
Go buy us another Amazon!
With all the money of the world& all science, It's not possible to magically create another Amazon ancient forest nor another biodiversity, bc all your talk of plantines can't substitute it and without water your millions of plantins die and you wasted scarce money and our future by being all talk& No-Civil Disobedience!
Attached is a news clip with a symbolic win for the rights of Mother Nature and against 10 mlion hectares of trees Arsonist Evo Morales& over 10 million hectares burn by Jeanine Anez!
This is a moralistic win which has no teeth bc its Non-Binding, and to stop fires and arsonists laws and arsonist govs, we have to go on Civil Disobedience till Binding constitutional laws& penal laws are created and
Enforced against countless & Systemic Arsonists!
Without massive civil disobedience, we will continue to suffer the extinction of our forests& extinction of our indigenous climate defenders while complicit you passively seat& eat transgenic soy& red meatIf you are not passive, then act!
Is that the future of desert land with human famine with dry climate that perpetuates CoVid19, you want to leave to your children& grand children or will you #JoinMassiveCivilDisobedience where you are?

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