Are we Americans cherishing life, liberty& Human Rights?

Are we Americans cherishing life, liberty& Human rights?

Americans thought to be the modern pioneers who cherish life, liberty& Human Rights are asking themselves the following:

If we cherish life, after genociding Native Americans, enslaving blacks over 400 years, exporting confederate aryan racism iconed by Supre court Justice Oliver Wendel Holmes, unconstitutionally interning japanese americans in concentration camps& indefinite detemtion of immigrants in concentration camps and cruelly separating their children from their parents, why have we been glorying mass genocide as heroism under FDR& H Truman by dropping Nukes in Hiroshima& Nagasaki after they surrendered & we didn'tvwant to hear it& space nuclear warfare race&
20X carbon Pandemic that stuffs carbon to our bodies till it kills us with cancer and we do it in the name of prosperity, the american dream and Democracy?

If we cherish Liberty, how come we are not free from gov unconstitutional intrusion of our privacy, racial profiling&killings by police, since 1994 and the Omnibus law, 5 fold increase incarceration of People of color, proliferation not of social programs but for profit prisons& inmigration concentration camps for people yearning to be free,& we have no full public courts but secret FISA courts created by SCOTUS without any created legislative law but by SCOTUS which violates the Constitution bc, only congress has the constitutional authority& right to create laws?

If we Americans are the beacon of Human rights, how come, for every coup D'etat in oul rich countries we acuse the obstacle- gov to our vital interests as violator of Human rights, but at home, we live in combat zones set up by militarized police who kill us with war forbidden tear gas, chenical weapons, rubber bullets being shot at point blank and gassing people to death massively, with 20X deadly carbon pandemic and extincting biodiversity, echosystems, water, soil& oxygen we breath every second of our lives? And sadly we let carbon corporations perpetuate their only breed of carbon presidents?

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