Biden-Harris refused to Abrogate murder by Decree-police-bill-of-rights& refused to lead the protests for civil rights!

Senators Biden-Harris refused to abrogate murder by Decree-police-bill-of-rights& refused to lead the protests for civil rights!

USA Newspaper writers are so narrow&short in their journalism& don't connect the links to explain the police is a dictator's controlling deadly terror tool over 333 million Citizens.
Washinghton Post late journalist chronicles that since 1973, Maryland State Attorney Curran during Nixon's presidency, pushed the police agenda to grant them inmunity& impunity(police bill of rights) for the use of excesive use of force and later got it aproved by the Maryland legislature and all other states within the USA followed suit and US congressmen did the same, but what the Washinghton Post did was to exclude SCOTUS, Congressional overfunding with billions of USD, proliferation of prisons instead of social programs, politization of police unions, cities' overfunding police, police endorsements of presidential candidates..., militarization of police, recruiting & contracting discharged military men, embedding, shielding and protecting armed 2nd Amendment death squats along its police activities and converting our civilian city streets into combat zones against any protestors/dissenters.
And all these was done by career parasitepoliticians JoeBiden, Kamala Harris!
Trump is been BlackRock carbon Corporations most Confederate Gobbelian mouth piece to unleash legions of unidentified federal employees to sow terror among peaceful grievant-protestors who protest against: Massive murder by Decree law/ police bill of rights, onmibus law, pseudo patriot Act/Freedom Act...& recent& implicitly Trump inleashed his Death squats euphemistically called QAnon& armed to the teeth 2nd Amedment Death Squats militiamen whose racist combat cry is "Take America Back Texas", " Praise the Lord pass the Ammo...".

If you are a Trumpist follower seeking to defeat Bidenist-Harrists banker-Carbon followers, you may ask, "Why not reelect Trump?"
Well with Trump, the racist carbonCat is out the bag, and we environmenta-list americans have denounced publicly, murder of people of color by Decree you have wrongly legalized it and we are suffering countless unjust torture- deaths like George Floyd's, seven shots on the back of Jacob Blake before his terrorized children, police intimidation of Blake by cuffing him to the bed, to shut off the barely surviving victim's testimony against the executing police and the people are in civil rights move to seek real change to afford us equality mandated by the American Constitution. But with Biden all these civil rights movements that seek overdue equality, over 200 years, will be disappeared not only by this carbon media but By Biden-Harris Banker- Carbon Democrats as Biden did during his 8 years of VP and he will impose silence against Carbon Pandemic, murder by decrer/police bill of rights, and he will have us beat up, framed & trialed in his secret FISA court and life imprisoned for no crime at all, bc judicial appeals Grally don't work against the Gov, bc SCOTUS IS A POLITICAL ANIMAL CREATING ITS OWN LEGISLATION AND INTERPRETATION and nothing will change and quietly during their business as usual, will kill us.
Replacing evil Trump- Pence by Evil carbon Biden-Harris will push it to secrecy and more unjust deaths of people of color will continue, bc Biden- Harris admitted, " I am your law & order candidate...we don't care whether you or your parents suffered injustice..."
So to expect a savior in Biden is deadlier and more secretive murder by decree police Bill of rights!
You remember Biden-Harris are not on the streets along with the people protesting to end death by Decree police Bill of Rights, nor creating legislation to abrogate his omnibus law that 5 fold incarcerates people of color and Biden-Harris admittedly " Refused to defund police but "reform"
Police reform has always failed bc Biden- Harris, and their congressmen have granted policemen  inmunity and impunity laws, thereby legalizing killings of innocent& unarmed people of color and SCOTUS IS UPHELD THE LEGALIZED KILLINGS & HAS GRANTED BLANKET AUTHORITY TO JAILORS TO BEAT, CHOQUEHOLD MURDER INNOCENTS IMPRISONED BY UPHOLDING PRISON WARDENS RUN THEIR PRISONS AND SCOTUS WILL NOT GET INVOLVED WITH PRISON INJUSTICE&  SO PRISON GUARDS  KEEP KILLING PRISONERS.
If you think we retired academicians sociologists, antropologists, political scientists...are misguided, how come seating US senators Biden-Harris refused to introduce and get abrogated murder of innocent unarmed citizens of color by decree/police-bill-of-rights which is a cover up euphenism for murder and grants police absolute authority to knee restrain/chokehold torture execute or shot us multiple times as it happened in kenosha, Wisconsin against peaceful and unarmed bkack citizen, Jacob Blake and last night Trumpists 2nd amendment death Squat Militiamen, took the law into their hands under the excuse of protecting property& protecting people, were attacking the very people, with deadly chemical weapons.

Mr Biden, Mrs Harris, Mr Trump& Mr Pence and congressmen:
Ask not large wages& fat pensions from our country. Ask what you can do for the People: Abrogate Carbon, Abrogate 2nd Amendment, Abrogate 2nd amendment Death Squats militiamen, Abrogate murder of people of color by Decree-police-bill-of-rights. Abrogate Omnibus law, Abrogate FreedomAct, Abrogate FISA& Abrogate your violent election campaign&rethoric and pay enhancement unemployment 400 USD/week or resign!

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