Biden-Harris, Trump-Pence don't care about making us homeless, only getting elected at our cost!

 Biden-Harris, Trump- Pence don't care making us homeless but getting elected at our cost!

Seating SenatorCandidates Biden-Harris don't care what happens to countless Americans facing homelessness bc to these carbonBankers only being elected& carbonprofit matters& TrumpPenceLike they will promise you anything to get elected then forget U've made homeless bc they will indebt generations with new trillions of dollars in debt to perpetually subsidize their carbon cow, arms race nuclear warfare, tax cuts for CarbonBankers and with a carbon tax& doublecarbon credits, bribe gov heads to aprove their old Obama-Biden scheme at Paris agreement, which is now the biggest carbon stock trade market seeking to become carbon neutral by 2050 or 2035 but given the fact most climate tipping points are being exceeded presently by 2035 or 2050, the cheating BlackRock, G7&BRICS will have irreversibly mass leading us to extinction by gassing us with carbon gas, methane, athousand chemical used for surface fracking and underwater fracking for toxic gas& oil!
Let's not cross our arms and panic us with their lab created Sars-2 Cov19 and wearing antiCoVid masks and keeping social distancing of 2 meters, join MassiveCivilDisobedience round Refineries&oil pipes& seaports, to stop our unjust human genocide by carbon gas...

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