China Steps up Human Rights violations against innocent Hong Kong Citizens

Chinesse step up Human Rights violations against innocent Hong Kong citizens!

Hong Kong citizens suffer ongoing Chinese Gov secret repression, under plagiarized USA National Security law but the same repression of human rights violations Hui, Khazaks and millions of Uighurs forced into secret concentration camps, while depopulated their lands and unjustly repopulating them with brainwashed chinese nationals.
Matter of fact not even thebrich are exempt from chinesse repressive National Security law and Jimmy Lai, the owner of Next Media, which publishes the Daily News in Hong Kong is suffering shocking conditions of arrest, which constitute violation of UN's human rights Charter.
The head of four Watching Eyes, USA, UK, Australia& New Zeland, with cymbals and drums make pompous headlines, announcing visa and entry prohibition against Hong Kong Authorities who unjustly cancelled the elections, but it doesn't dent abusive China. We've demanded presidentials candidates Joe Biden& Mr Trump, to sancion China economically with one trillion dollars for its violative and inhuman National security law against Autonomous citizens of Hong Kong but both refused and the result are these abuses of Human Rights and who and how many more have to suffer thede shocking arresting cobditions and secret detentions that even Joe Biden's right Hand man in Hong Kong cowardly says, " undet National Security Jimmy Lai has been arrested for collusion with foreign powers at this time"
Lai is not colluded with any fireign powers for coward Biden's alleging falsely through third party, " for collusion with foreign powers" because no Hong Kong citizen in his right mind would collude with any fireign power while living under the clutches of China and its blank check (to accuse of any crimen Chinesse and puppet Hong Kong Authorities please to falsely accuse innocent Hong Kong citizens) for prison, torture and slow death in secret concentration camps.
People of the free world, carry signs denouncing China and its Genocide law disguised as National Security, which is costing innocents freedom and/ or life and in solidarity with the victims, picket before Chinesse embassy and consulates in your country, because tomorrow it could be you and/ or me, who needs solidarity protests to save your liberty and life!

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