ClimateDefenders vs UstashaNaziCroatGenociders on #August6th2020!

ClimateDefendersVs NaziCroatJewGenociders on #August6th2020?

UstashaNaziCroatJewGenociders, their death squads Juventud Civica Crucenista& JuventudKochala plus the military& Nal police are CIA/USAID armed to the teeth for ethnic cleansing of indigenous Climate Defenders, unarmed, peaceful but in massive civil Disobedience, to rescue Democracy, the right to vote, climate defense, free school education. Protect Mother Earth and to live and let live.
DictatorAnez is leading her heavy armed forces but her stay at power is constitutionally expired and Congress ALP realizes now Anez is turned to an usurper of power with no constitutional mandate since July 2020 and she has no desire to call to elections which she can never win, bec of her Sacaba and Senkata genocides, burning over 10 million Amazon forest hectares, CovVidFamine, CoVidPandemic, her refusal to provide respirators and AntaCovid medicines has caused the colapse of Bolivia's sanitary system and now is pursuing an ethnic cleansing of unarmed indigenous ClimateDefenders to give away trillions of dollars in Lithium to CIA Colluding carbonCorporations!
Clearly the overwhelming evidence shows her UshtashaNaziCroatJewGenociders are now ready for Anez Auto-Coup D'etat, and its not "if" but "when" she will start Genocide of ndigenous ClimateDefenders, in the name of God, Free market, Latifundio-Mining Rosca Dictatorship, close ALP, rule by decree and bury in clandestine mass graves, the victims of her Ethnic cleansing. Hers is the very same NaziGermans 6 million victims genocide of unarmed innocents dissenters and the 90's ethnic cleansing in Bosnia. And for that end Anez is completed appointments of her exclusive breed in Gov& Branko Marinkovic along with MurilloPrijic, F Lopez and her military chief and her police chief and dead squads youth brigades of Santa Cruz & Cochabamba, are about to roll right before August6th, Bolivia's Nal independence day.
This to paint herself as patriot but facist genocide of unarmed indigenous Climate defenders is not patriotism but outrageous policy of machiavism, gobbelian lies, racial geno cide, climate Genocide, ecogenocide which all societies should reject.
What most of humanity is not learned and is desinformed of, is Religious Theocracy is racist, genocidal, self righteous and self serving since the alleged word of god was written. God Slew the Gebuzites, the hitites, the Egyptians...and crusaders used the cross for their genocides. The confederates used it, the nazi germans, the UstashaNaziCroatJewGenociders and now Anez- Murillo-Lopez&Marinkovic use it.
Branko had tried ethic genocide in 2009 but climatedefenders defeated it. Branco escaped to Croatia, then at the USA retrained by USAID and now they sent him back to genocide indigenous Climate Defenders, to reap them off trillions of dollars in Lithium, gold, etc.
Anez continues to use her self serving, self righteous Book of Hatted, racism, genocide and Apocalipsis, called the Bible, which we former religious know it.
Its august 5th, the 3rd day of peaceful Civil Disobedience with freeway blockades and the forces of UstashaCroatJewGenociders are being deployed, while the police has began low intensity warfare against unarmed civil disobedience protectors in several places of Bolivia.
Anez is ordered her Regime not to accept nor see any members of Congress and has banned letters of congress from being received.
Former brinksman, campaign experuenced Dr Felupe Campos a retired academician and Anez exiled indigenous leader, ipenedvour eyes to us old retired academicians.
" Anez refusing communication with elected congress is the first evidencr of her AutoCoup D'etat, for these ustashaNazis ALP Congress is permanently closed and is a matter of when they will kidnapp and place congressmenn and climate defenders in ethnic cleansing camps. Anez has no mandate, her transitional electuon presidence has expired in july 2020, unless congress names now a presidential successor, the consequences of Anez AutoCoup D'etat will be known as the independence day Autocoup D'etat with countless scores of wounded and dead all in the name of "God slew climate defender pagans and gave independence to Bolivia, this was written before the foundation of the world, for christ to come back and bring his millenium of peace, which when unveiled means. God the evil men who colluded and wrote it, slew everyone on their way, and it was sectetly agreed before the genocide of climate defenders would happen, and was a necessary evil for christ/offspring of UstashaNaziJewGenociders to consumate it and only when these offspring racist breed absilutelt rules by decree, they will impose a millenium of peace over the blood and dust of their victims" He paused then added with tears in his eyes as a former survivor of fascist torture. "NO. Mankind has free will and by our numbers, wr climate defenders must act and name a presidential successor by act of this legitimate elected congressALP and alo g with the people return the rule of law, the constitution, peaceful corxistance even with these ustashaNaziCroatJewGeniciders bc they are humans like us and we must hobor life over death, peace over war, coexistance over racial hatred and if they insist in their cult of death and racial cleansing, may Morher Earth render Justice and us must defend our children and grandchildren and our sibling flora and fauna"
On that note, I ask you to wear your mask and keeping social distance, join peaceful civil disobedience where you are!

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