...Coup D'etats to steal oil and perpetuate oil...

Making Coup D'etats
to steal oil & perpetuate oil with Paris Agreement Carbon stock Market

They media blitzed us with twin towers airplane crashes, then they impose the pseudo Patriot Act and invaded Irak & then Afghanistan for oil.
Then invaded Syria financed with dollars created the islamic State in part of Syria, all for oil.
Where you see them executing Coup D'etas , its all about oil!
Created a fake Guaido president with EU complicity, all for oil!
government .
Now BlackRock Oil corporations, Mr Trump, Merkel& Macron&Johnson created a Belarusian crisis using belarusian citizens as cannon fodder and Lukashenko is fallen for it and in a short time after economic sanction by manipulated EU under the excuse of Democracy& human rights, these EliteCarbonBankers who want to increase 20x carbon emissions& perpetuate oil, will have consumated another Coup D'etat and BieloRusian oil& gas will be enriching this elitecarbon bankers, a state within a state and all the rich central asia republics's oil will be falling for their scheme just as the coup in Venezuela, will, to hand over the globe's biggest oil& gas fields.
And with Biden- Harris in the white house, the sky will be the limit, bc Biden's over 50 years to benefit oil corporations, through his presidency will allow BlackRock carbon corporations to drill and frack in the artic, antartic, etc and Biden will talk deception while consumating the perpetuation of carbon along with the cheaters of the Paris agreement carbon stock market with a carbon tax and come 2050, the cheater will continue cheating and overproducing oil, gas and extract minerals in the oceans' seabed& starving us with famine, there will be no sea food, nor enough soil food on the barren desert& infertile earth and the last vestiges of biodiversity and mankind will be going extinct and plastic pollution will be there for a half millenium bc stupidly we americans and humanity believed their false narrative, their false promises.
Biden has admitted he doesn't accept Sanders' New Green deal and will sugar coate his 20x carbon emissions presidencial agenda, but as soon as he is elected president will increase 20x carbon emissions and soe token weatherized windows, 65k token wind turbines but pump trillions USD to built nuclear plants instead of solar Energy!
Welcome to the years of deception and disappointment with Republican Biden mascarading a democrat candidate! Biden the Antichrist and Harris the biblical beast!
Don't vote for Biden or Trump, they are not our presidents but gasmen, gasing us with deadly 20X carbon gases!
Wearing masks and social distance, #JoinCivilDisobedienceArounOilRefineries, oil seaports to stop oil shipping (in unsafe ships), oil distribution, bc we want to survive and give our children and grandchildren an oil free future!

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