Dictator Anez will unleash Black October 2020 against Bolivian Indigenous Climate Defenders!

Dictator Anez will unlesh Black October 2020 against indigenous Climate Defenders!

Despreciables tu colusion con AlmagroE Ilegal remocion de @PauloAbrao&Ahora mandas tus escuadrones de la muerte RJCochala pa cerrar fascistamente DP!
Demandamos cumplas con 67/2019 medida cautelarCDH. Cruz defiende al pueblo&ALP es unica autoridad sobre DP& no WSantamaria!
# ALPnombreYaSergioChoqS PresiInterino

ExperenciadoHombre de Estado Mallku Felipe Campos evaluo patron postergacion elecciones& prorrogas&persecuciones e ilegal toma de DP e inhabilitacion contra Arce Catacora concluyo:Anez cancelara eleccionOctubre18!
ALP nombreYaSergioChS PresiInterino o SufriremosOctubre Negro2020

Anez continues denying CoVid detection tests for all the Bolivian People&refusing to import Bipap & Cpap machines for CoVid Patients & refusing to purchase uegently needed Residivir medicine for patients' has no enacted plan against CoVid Pandemic and hides the colapse of the National Sanitary System before the first wave and when it hit us the sencond wave of CoVid in Octuber 2020, instead of fighting CoVid, she will simply act for her personal interests and cancelled the elections, will close unconstitucionally ALP congress& rule by decree only, give away trillions of dollars in Lithium to US transnacionals, genocide & imprison indigenous climate defenders, inless right now, the ALP takes courage& names Sergio Choque S interim government, to materialize elections and elect a legitimate president who can tackle CoVid Famine, CoVid Pandemia, abrogate ABT, abrogate incendiary decrees 1098 &337 & abrogate all the rest of incendiary package decrees which have cost over 10 million hectares of Amazon& Chiquitania,&Conception forest fires!

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