Excruciatengly painful is the silence of our friends Biden- Harris&their refusal to Abrogate Qualified inmunity&Carbon Pandemic!

Excruciatingly painful is the silence of our friends Biden-Harris& their refusal to abrogate Qualified inmunity& Carbon Pandemic!

Ten years ago in answer to a meaningless call, the same Minneapolis police, responded by coldly torture-executed Robert Smith. Same Mineapolis police responded to a meaningless counterfeit bill call and coldly torture- executed George Floyd.
How is it humanly possible since 2010 cold torture execution of Robert Smith, the same Mineapolis police Department, has been pernitting the unrepentant pattern of cold torture-execution that caused in 2020 the life of George Floyd, without the US Department of Justice and the Minnesota State Attorney and the US congress and the Minnesota legislature kept granting them qualified inmuninity & impunity that cost at least one victim/ week to be subjected to this torture-execution, of Knee restraint/ Choquehold, but luckily there were survivors to this deadly israeli training of USA's police officers?
This deadly israeli training of american police officers is so extensive to most USA' cities police Departments.
In 1973 Curran, the State Attorney of Maryland crusaded for a police demand of Bill of rights, which is uncondtional qualified inmunity& impunity for highly questionable killings and it spreaded to all the USA and aince then countless peopke of color have been colsly tortured- executed by this knee restraints/choquehold which most police departments are using it even after G Floyd's public terror tortured execution by police officers!
How can this tortture executions be happening under the watch of seating senators JoeBiden- Kamaka Harris& President Teump-Pence, who refuse to move a finger to abrogate this inhuman police policy against tax payers, who pay their unworthy fat wages& fat pensions?
Simple: Be president Biden-Harris, Trump- Pen e, they need the police to keep conteolling 333 million citizens& protect& perpetuate their carbon empire from falling and adversely affecting their banker- arbon interests and their war agenda for oil can go on while the militarized police trained by Israel, keep 333 million cotizens submissive& silent to their policies& economic interests, bc ordinary citizens do not need the police and people of color fear the police, bc they get unjustly killed by the police!
Robert Smith was physically subdued by Tim Gorman& Tim Hallinan but the latter cuufed his hands to the back, then shot him with deadly tasers 5 times and Smith fell of victim of heart arrest, and as he grunted bc of lack of oxygen, instead of summoning paramedics for unconscious Smith, Gorman knee restrain him on the back, face down, while Callahan sat on his legs, thereby torturing Smith by cutting indispensable blood flow at the neck and at the legs, and almost 5 minutes later as they heard his agonic grunts, both chose not to stop their deadly restrain and not to call paramedics and chose to call their superiors asking for instructions and when finally they observed Smith had stopped his agonic grunts, knowingly they were too little to late, built their alibibof CPR.
Later during internal review by their pilice peers, they kept their pattern of ignorance of what the condition of Smith was for those long minutes they were torrute executing Smith. Their peer review colleagues from homicides admitted a revealing pattern of not asking them nor investigating the body reaction and/ or agonic grunts of Smith was at the sifferent times of their cold and skow and painfu.l torture execution.
We are living in awful times where loosing our life unfairly is so frail and those who suffer the pathological "savior
complex" of wishing, waiting&expecting magic saviors like Bide-Harris, Trump-Pence, to save them they are blind and amnesic. Biden overfunded these police with billions of dollars and along with Harris, both proliferated prisons for people like you and I, and gave away billions in police traing for american policemen in Israek which are these deadly knee pressure/choquehold withbwhichbthey torture-execute the people we know, gave away billions in war forbidden tear gas and chemical weapona, armored vehicles,assault rifles and ammo to be used against us tax payers who suffer unjust racial injustices, biden& Harris admitted "I am your law enforcement candidate" and Trump-Pence don't care what ia done to us andnon the contrary unleashed federal officers with no name tags, no identification to hide them from accountability when they kill.
As for us environmentalists& people of color we know silent& secretive Biden-Harris who overfund police& refuse to take away qualified inmunity so their killings go on, bothbare no solution to carbon pandemic nor police cold torture executions of our people during a Biden- Harris administration or Trumo-Pence administration, for only the people saves the people and only peaceful masive Civil Disobedience around oil refineries& oil seaports can abrogate unjust extinction by carbon pandemic!

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