Gasman Antichrist Biden Never keeps his promises!

Gasman Antichrist Biden never keeps his promises!

GasmanAnticristBiden was about to drop his primary election bid at South Carolina, BlackRock CarbonBankCorporations along with its Democrat Superdelegates bought out Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobucher & Kamala Harris, who droppedout and inmediatelly endorsed AdolfBiden for being their lifetime carbon champion.

GasmanAntichristBiden obeyed BlackRock Carbon corpolrations and accepted bankercarbon Kamala Harris as his VP and at the digital convention, he got all the super delegate votes &the ones who won and was nominated the Republica- Denocratic Presid candidate and when the youth and american climate defenders asked to officially embrace the New Green Deal he had orally agreed with them, his. Ampaign manager said. "What are you doing here?"
AdolfBiden officially admitted he is not going to embrace the Neww Green Deal, but will adopt a policy of massive nuclear plants instead of solar energy but will built token turbines and join back the Paris Agreement which is useless and pay a carbon tax policy as he once
tried with Obama-Biden before it failed and they wothdrew the carbon tax since then butto het voted in, he says he will pay a carbon tax at Paris agreement in exchange to legalize carbon perpetuation!

Come Nov3 and # Gasman AntichristBiden will claim he won the elections and simultaneous with CarbonTrump will clain he won the elections and 3r party will take long time to settle it!

2021 Gasman Antichrist Biden will use his blackshirt overfunded police to clean the streets off any protestors and clamp down the People with his overfuded police& overfunded military and 20X deadly carboenissuosand nuclear space race and neverending oil wars will increase and fools who thought he was the climate savior will reconfirm they
were deceived by Biden and most climate tipping point will be exceeeden with the Gasman Antichrist Biden.

Of all his promises, Biden in all his oil politician life and as VP, he never honored them, who tells you he will be the New Greenn Deal peoise keeper, when really, he is a lifetime oil man, who subsidize oil, cut taxes for oil corporations and falsely promised along with confederate racist kamala Harris.
Don't vote for Biden nor Trump, stay healthy home, bc they are not worth your life nor your vote!

The oly way is Peope saving People, so wear your mask and keeping your social distance, let's join peaceful civil disobedience till carbon is abrogated now!

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