Global carbon economy is in ...this breed's hands

The global carbon economy, transgenic food, including red meat is in this breed's hands

Greta's 2 years of global Climate emergency protests have not changed the carbon economy nor dented it but tragically increased 10 x deadly carbon gases, forest fires, permafrost& glaciars melting & ocean seabed drilling and fracking is up and extractigng more oil& gas, despite the CoVid pandemic!
Like a Brown shirt caudillo, JewishAmerican presidentTrump is feuding with secretive bully blackshirt AdolfBiden on Nov3, who can better produce 20x deadly carbon gases but BlackRock Carbon Corporations& their politicians have already cast the dice against the brown shirt reelection and raising billions of dolars for their secretive bully black shirt for office, while their breed continues to arson the forests and the flora and the fauna, biodiversity and eco systems, for transgenic flora and fauna, to permanently distroy the natural organic biodiversity, which they don't own it and substitute it with what they own throug questionable patents: transgenic!
None of these badshooshoos will be our president but one of them will be the president, that is the president of the exclusive Carbon-banker breed of people but not the people's president!
They excluded the people, specially young people and environmentalists and AdolfBiden is not carrying a New Green Deal policy that abrogates deadly carbo gasses that kills over 7 million people annually, and he is going to kill us not only with his overfunded racist police, neverending oil wars but with space-nuclear weapons, nuclear radiation&/ or nuclear spills like 3 mile Island & above all with 20 x carbon Pandemic & compulsory Pandemic unsafe vaccination which was politically licensed and not through trial on 1% of humanity's population to prove it works and it is safe before licensing it: 8 million people/8 billion humanity but insuficiently they tried only in 30k individuals, which is unacceptable profit making for an unsafe politically-pushed-vaccine.
But what is worst for people?
Not abrogating deadly carbon emissions but letting AdolfBiden legalize human genocide through thr cheaters club of ParisAgreement and bribing humans to accept the perpetuation of deadly carbon gases bc AdolfBiden who failed in the USA to aprove his carbon tax, he is pushing it through the Paris Agreement, to legalize carbon gas genocide and as the victims with carbon gas in their lungs lay ill, he will teach the tobestoicacly resulient, mitigate, adapt them to die in a coffin paid by carbon tax.
AdolfBiden, Thanks but no Thanks to your carbontax, bc we can't sell our health and lives in exchange of your pauper's change- carbon tax, bc health& life is sacred and we refuse to sell ourselves to your genocidal carbon gasses& carbon tax that enriches your breedvof people at the cost of our health and life!
Greta, not 100 years of climate protests will change Black Rock carbon corporations nor change AdolfBiden's love for peoviding carbon jobs as Adolf Hitler provided carbon jobs for germans by unleashing his never ending blitzkriegs.
No these are bad carbon jobs which perpetuate carbon and genocide of humanity by means of carbon gass.
Whethet zyklonB gas or carbon gases, there is no difference nc both genocide innocent and peaceful people!
And no more red meat in exchange for burning our forests& biodiversity.
Greta, either you grow and lead Civil Disobedience like Jane Fonda and MLK & Ghandi or you stay dwarf and become irrelevant& unable to abrogate carbon.
But with peaceful massive Civil Disobedience around refineries, oil pipes, oi seaports, you will see their comerce and human genocide, stop. Then continue, civil disobedience and they can't produce nor distribute their deadly carbon gases and it willl abrogate carbon emissions!
For Health and Life& Solar& vegan, we're better off following good Itzak Rabin & Ghandi than following AdolfBiden&Netanhau

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