Good or Evil Mark Zuckerberg?

Good or evil Mark Zuckerberg?

Is Mark Zuckerberg the greatest benefactor of Humanity or the monopolistic Black Angel of death by means of his giving free mileage to the terrorist armed militiamen known as the umbrella QAnon, which Zuckerberg doesn't suspend near 10 million members but an insignificant token of them?
While we suffer bread scarcity under CoVid19, since March to present, Zuckerberg's billions increased by 65%.
Is that good or evil hoarding of wealth by this breed, who control the global carbon economy that is taking us near extinction while they increase carbon and their hoarding profits?
With almost 4 billion accounts, his FB misrepresentations become the truth on CoVid19?
Exception of fact-check FB policy to politicians lies, and he gets to chose who wins and looses elections and carbon Pandemic growth?
You be the judge!

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