Govs burning forests are committing genocide of their own people!

Govs burning forests are committing genocide of their own people!

Through out the world forests are being burnt!
And In many cities of California heart is breaking to see our children's future disappear in dark plumes of smoke& dangerous to see 200 fires tormenting our livesAsCarbonGas+Spark
With permanent irreversible carbon Pandemic, fires are evidence of imminent Extinction!
# AbrogateCarbonNow

Trees produce biodiversity, humidity, rain and purify oxygen we need to breath every second of our lives. And govs burning the forests of their countries to profit with transgenic soy& red meat, are causing genocide by burning the forests, by peoducing toxic deadly smoke that kills people with pre existing medical conditions and mass kill normal people with dry air that spreads Covid19!
Medical Science has proven that people who keep their forests which produce humidity over 40% in the air they breath, suffer less CoVid% bc humidity created by trees condenses and drops along with covid19 and dies. Whereas people whose govs burn forests produce dry air, which prolongs & spreads airborne CoVid19's life, therefore more people get CoVid and die!
The richest State of the world and the biggest producer of food, California, because of the close to 200 fires, will suffer drier air which spreads Covid and prolongs life of airborn Covid19, and more californians will get CoVid and die!
Humans wearing masks and keeping social distance meedvto join Civil Disobedience to compell their govs to stop fires and stop burning their forests that takes milleniums to grow bc plantines are useless in the shortbrun and we can't stip breathing until the plantines grow in decades& centuries to produce as much oxygen as our ancient forests!

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