Hail 195th Bolivian anniversary, let's keep up Civil Disobedience till we are allowed to vote Sep6th!

Hail 195th Bolivian anniversary, let's keep up with indefinite civil disobedience till we're allowed to vote Sep6th!

Loyal to their fugitive UstachaNaziJewish parents, their inmigrant offspring in Bolivia,carrying their parents' racism against the indigenous who had extended their fugitive parents a safe heaven unleash in Pando, Bolivia, a racial clensing to dismember the hosts' country, Bolivia. They killed indigenous school teacher interns for no other crime than being indigenous, who questioned why were they armed and seditiously attempting to dismember Bolivia and make their own HalfMoonCroatia republic formed by Chuquisaca, Tarija, Pando, Beni& Santa Cruz Bolivian territories and fighting against Potosi, Cochabamba, Oruro& La Paz.
Their UstachaNaziJewish leaders were Branko Marinkovic, Nunez, Costas, L Fernandez, Sabina Cuellar, Cosio& Manfred Reyes Villa by using paramilitary death squads known as Juventud Civica Crucena& Juventud Kochala, advised by CIA.
The indigenous were able to land planes in Pando and aborted L Fernandez Forces, arraigned and trialing him in open court locked him up. The UstachaNaziCroatJewush leaders in Santa Cruz prepared to decimate the indigenous marchers heading ti Santa Cruz.
But half the ilegally landed ustachaNazijews double dealt them by secretly back door negotiating mear Montero with their indigenous foes, for they fear to lose vast tracts of ilegally holded bolivian lands and asked an amnesty and titles to those ilegal lands in exchange of ceasing a racial war and dismembering Bolivia. Should they win the racial civil war.
Dr Felipe Campos who knew them, advised Morales& Linera not to make a deal with them bc, " they are bringing transgenic flora and fauna and not only will extinct incarian organic flora and fauna but burn the Amazons and subandean forest and destroy the climate and with toxic defoliant agent orange, round up, glyphosate, fracking oil& gas and mining chemicals they will irreversible desertify green Amazons and subandean forests and poison the soul, the water, the air with toxic chemicals and mercury and heavy chemicals. Detain them for sedition and partitioning Boliva& trial them in public court, bc if you make a deal with them, they will make you think they are your best partners but colluding and retaliating internally and externally & they will tumble down your government sooner than later"
Morales& Garcia Linera refused to listened and against Mallku Felipe Campos, they made the deal with them headed by Landivar.
Ruben Costas returned to Santa cruz city and the rest of the UstachaNaziCroat Jew racist divisionist headed by Branko Marinkovic seeing internal division, yield his civic chairmanship to Nunez and Camacho, but together with his closest associates briskly packing fled justice bound for Croatia. Years later the CIA moved him to Brazil, then to the USA.
Erick Foronda assisted by T Quiroga, Mesa, Camacho, Doria Medina, they executed a civil military coup D'etat and when Morales- Garcia Linera sought Landivar faction, he too was in the Coup against him, just as Dr Felipe Campos had forewarned them.
The UstachaNaziJew racist gov of Anez has delayed for the fourth time the elections and Exiled Dr Felipe Campos has forewarned indigenous congressmen and indigenous climate defenders, anez can't ever win elections and is perpetuating in power by everytime cancelling and delaying elections, purchasing Not-respirators and medicines but tear gas& chemical weapons and arming ustachaNazijewish paramilitary dead squats and lastly imposing Branko Marinkovic, their former UstachaNaziCroatjew leader as minister of Planning. Anez us ready for her AutoCoup D'etat and has Defacto but covertly closed congress and these evidences are loud& clear and congress exists only in-name but no longer before the execurive branch and her colluding and controlled Electoral TSE:
1] Without Congressional approval has promoted ranks and to comand post, her loyal high miliyary high command& has risen police pension equivalent to the military retorement pension benefits: 100%
2] Executive branch no longer receives legislation nor written communication nor congressmen!
3] For this 195 anniversary of Bolivia against art 72, the executive has refused to deliver before congress, her annual State of affairs report, clearly showing the congress is closed and is a ghost congress, existing in-name only and she is running the country as sole gov, without congress!
4] J Anez personally met Romero head of TSE and both have closed congress and no longer let Congress do its constitutionally mandated authority to set the date of elections and TSE is proven it by running over over congress and cancelling sep6 elections and delaying it for Octuber 18 but they will continue delaying elections indefinitelly to allow Anez to remain in power under the disguise/excuse, she is there until there are elections.
5] the CiA arm known as OAS in practice doesn't acknowlege the existance of the legitimately elected congress and only communicates with the executive branch, which means, anez has closed congress. And worst the Organization of America States lies against protestors by repeating Anez lies that trucks with medical supplies are bl oil cked but they are not, bc protestors let them pass without onterfering so thisevscarce supplies can save someone's life, bc for us climate defenders , life is sacred and we assist whenever we can our health professionals bc they are our vanguard to save lives against CoVid19!
6] The IMF no longer acknowleges the Bolivianncongress but onlywith the executive branch. Matter of fact has disbursed loan to Anez, over the Bolivian congress's objections to austery measures and disapproval of loans in adverse conditions against Bolivia's economy, hence both collude agaibst Congresz fiscalizing policiez over the money and the bolivian adquisition of debts!
These are the tragic circumstance of the195 Bolivian anniversary, with over ten million hectares of Amazon forest being burned by and for Ustacha- NaziCroatjews sole benefit with transgenic soy& red meat to export to the EU through Mercosur!
Racist Ustacha- NaziCroatJews along with the cia. have turned u po side d ou wn and inside up
This is our 3rd day of massive civil Disobedience and if congress doesn't name a mew ptesudential successor in lieu of expired Anez term, the latter plausible will close the congressio al building and tbe cost in human losses will rise bc congress hesitated to name a presidential sucessor who can trully materialize the elections bc Anez will never materialize said elections bc she wants to perpetuate without elections and she will do so by her Auto Coup D'etat.
Our only peaceful remedy and means is to keep at joining this indefinite civil disobedience till there are elections sep6th
Fuerza, fuerza, fuerza
Companeros q la lucha es dura pero venceremos
Q la Pacha madre nos bendiga este 195 aniversario patrio y nos ayude a vencer y rescatar nuestra patria, nuestra democracia, derecho a votar el sep6 y derecho de educacion gratuita para todas las razas y pueblos!

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