if you are an American, don't vote & don't get vaccinated by a deadly politic-rushed- CoVidvaccine!

If you are an american don't vote& don't get vaccinated by a deadly politic-rushed- CoVidvaccine!

In exchange for Biden to Declare Climate Emergency, Abrogate carbonNow & cut 25% the Pentagon's overfunded budget, resign nuclear arms race& DefundPoliceNow, in exchange for it, we offered countless millions of our environmetalists votes to make him president, but unrepentant RacistCarbonBiden rejected to AbrogateCarbonNow & DefundGang-Member- Police saying he doesn't need to AbrogateCarbonNow& doesn't need to defund police& needs to increase military budget & nuclear supremacy for National security reasons& doesn't need environmentalists votes for he is sure he is already won the elections, bc Trump blew his chances of reelection by mishandling CoVid19!
Since that's his attitude, there is no reason to endanger our lives to vote for him& neither for Trump bc both are unrepentant demagogue racistCarbon candidates, who do not listen to the needs of the People, nor care to declare Climate Emergency...
And either one being elected, Black Rocker Carbon Corporations win bc both are carbon pushers & both are a threat to American lives and Humanity.
But Biden is more dangerous bc he conceals his racism, war agenda & he is a plagiarist & worships death and the fake citizen/corporation, rather than life and Natural born citizens as you and I and our children& grandchildren and don't care to starve 30 million workers.
In a CoVid recession economy there are less taxes and is logic the evergrowing defense budget to decrease a modest 25% but both carbon candidates want to increase it to start spacial nuclear arms race under the guise of producing electricity and go back to racistly bomb as in Hiroshima& Nagasaki (war crimes commited bc the victims were nom armed, non combatant civilian citizens, children& grandchildren) after we already had won the war& the japanese had been two weeks requesting armistice, The Pentagon chose to nuke them twice before accepting their surrender and with their new arms race they want to repeat tacist mass killings
Biden plagiarizes FDR's Green economy, calling it New Green Economy but] there is only an enpty shell under Biden's plagiarizing plan bc, he resurrects dead nuclear industry and nuclear arms race& nuclear mass killings+ token 65K wind turbines and like the disney deception weatherize windows with token solar panels& create a token 20 million jobs thst are not enough for 30 million unemployed worker, who both candidates& their elitist parties cut the CoVid enhanced unemployment benefits and what about jobs for the rest of 333 million citizens when those miserable 20 million jobs mocks us bc they are so insuficient& they will give it only to their breed, like the billions of dollar loans went to only the biggest carbon corporations and there was almost none for moms' and dads' neighborhood stores!
And to get votes from people, before there is a rigorous 30 million patients tested for a CoVid vaccines and with sobinsuficuent data, these 2 candidates are pushing the FDA to rush-aproved the vaccines so they can vote for them.
And after one of these 2 carbon candidates gets elected, people who despite being CoVid vaccinated, will contract CoVid or die by adverse vaccine effect or die bc of CoVid and we will find, the Candidates rushed-vaccine is the culprit bc it didn't inmunize them but destroyed irreversibly their natural inmune system they were born with and thete is no fix and worst, vaccinated people will mass died than CoVId19 victims.
And worst you'll see your vaccinated children and granchildren die rather be saved by the rushe- vaccine, bc both candidates & the FDA produced not a scienticly researched and vastly tested vaccine but bc it is a rushed-political- CoVidVaccine!
Don't get vaccinated nor vote for these death cult candidates bc life is sacred and we are better off having an inmune system than be dead by a rushed- politic- CoVidvaccine,
You remember, SARS was created in a lab for biowarfare and then we experienced unwilling and unknowingly CoVid Sars-2, which is threatening human existance and their mutating other SARS viruses haven't arrived yet!

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