Is it true or false about G Soros & his CoVid19 vaccine?

Is it true or false about G Soros& his CoVid19 vaccine?

Fact: our peaceful Jewish ancestors suffered at Sobibor at an IG Farben death camp.
Questions to be researched in order to ascertain a link between G Soros alleged owner of IG Farben:
1] Did Soros owned IG Farben?
2]Did Soros financed Moderna pharmaceutical
3] Moderna has antiCoVid19 vaccine now?
4] is it another politically rushed vaccine? Data, methodology and trial of vaccine... passed the FDA regular licensing or was it politically rushed & aproved an unsafe vaccine?
5] is sars-2-CoVid19 a lab created virus?
6] will the above alleged vaccine be enacted by compulsory policy vaccination onto the people, specially against us good shosshoos jews?
7] what will happen if vaccine is unsafe and distroy our inmine system, are we being subjected to subtle or undislosed Eugenics policy as the Oliver wendel Holmes eugenics policy was enscted in USA, then was exported by English and mostly USA Carbon corporations& politicians, and confederate racist nazis assimilated it and inhumanely misused Eugenics against our jewish ancestors. Will they used it again against us?
These are the bare minium research that needs to be done in order to ascertain whether G Soros, Gates& Faucci may act as implied by mysterious & unknown german spinster Walter Pfeiffer(real, ficticious?) Implies in his unsolicited video that he send out of the blue and previous to now never heard of him nor know him, except by his mysterious video.
Make no assumptions and if anyone is interested will have to research on her/ his own to determibe if there is or not a kernel of truth to Pfeiffer's implied video refering to the above.
I will not conclude anything on things that I don't know, bc every persons's life is as important as everybody else's, including Soros...and if there were a remote possibility that unknown Pfeiffer's implied video is true, ( that bears the name Lynna Smith, another person I do not know), certainly he can take it in his country to a grand jury and/or a court of law and make his case publicly before a jury of his peers, rather than send out of the blue, things that i don't know, for he has the means and strength to make his case and doesn't need anyone.

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