JoeBiden false savior/ Antichrist is going to kill us with his deadly militarized police!

JoeBiden, false savior/ Antichrist is going to kill us with his killer militarized police!

AntiChrist JoeBiden is deadlier than big mouthTrump bc secret& silently before he is elected president he's overfunding his killer military police with bilions of dollars and 300 million for comunity spying through eletronic means, inteligence gatering against our own citizens is a taste of how dangerously he will use his overfunded deadly militarized police against us tax payers!
This is not America but military dictatorship under Biden- Harris, evil as Trump-Pence! 
Don't risk your life to CoVid, withany form of voting. None of these deadly presidential candidates is worth our lives. Please remain safe for your children, rather than die for these blood thirsty candidates who pay our rent, &don't bail out the people, don't invest in our future but endlessly push for neverending oil wars, carbon genocide, overfunding their deadly militarized police who made our streets in Americacombat zones and kill tax payers when we peacefully redress our grievances...!

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