Join Civil Disobedience in Bolivia, Hong Kong, Portland and where you are!

Join Civil Disobedience in Bolivia, Hong Kong, Portland, Oregon & where you are!

J anez stole 2 billion dollars and all she brought were 170 incomplete respirators instead of 170K specialized antiCoVid respirators for ER use! And following Trumps irresponsible handling of COVid19 refuses to provide CoVid tests but forced workers back to work while wishfully talking of dynamic Covid policy but three times cancelled elections alleging is dangerous for people to go to the polls during CoVid years.
So for her its good to send workers to die under COVid pandemic in her slaughter houses to export her red meat, but its's bad for workers and people to vote bec of Covid?
Her neverEnding Political persecutions against people demanding back their democracy and their right to vote, includes colluding with electoral comossionTSE and with BlackOctuber2003 butcher Carlos Mesa, to ban the future winner of the presidencial elections Arce Catacora and borrowing money under extortion conditions of FamineAusterity policies and devaluation of money and when the only congress elected by the people rejected those irresponsible and extortioning IMF loan conditions, not only followed her civilCIA contractor's order to acuse and humiliate and extortion the president of the Senate, Eva Copa by letting air a deceptive sex-video and attempts to incarcerate her for doing her constititional fiscalization! And her Minister of Justice M Coimbra& her security Czar Sacaba& Senkata genocider, A Murillo to order incarceration of all workers leaders who along their self summoned workers protested Nationally demanding Sept 6 Elections, while Anez is torching over 10 million Hectares of precious Amazon& SubAndean forests.
The People of Bolivia and Hong Kong, know all these unconstitutional election cancellations under the excuse of CoVid19, are the absolute evidence of Authoritarian Theocratic Fascism and if the People were to falter and not defend their rights in the streets with peaceful Civil Disobedience, these dictators mascarading Democracy and alegedly saving people from CoVid, will be interning innocent and peaceful people in secret concentration camps and its now or never, to stop fascist banning of the people's candidates& unconstitutional cancellation of elections!
Workers united with the people must be in the streets with protests of civil disobedience, till fascist dictators allow the People's candidates to participate unconditionally in elections& let the people vote. Bc the Government must be by the People, for the people and of the people and not of an elitistRacistCarbonState within the real state, who imposes its private interests and fascist agendas in the name of a pseudo National Security Law and weaponizing CoVId!
People have the uncondtional right to vote in Bolivia, Hong Kong...and oust these fascist indidious carbon Pandemicgenociders mascarading saviors, who kill our people with repressive political persecutions, deny us respirators to kill us with CoVid& CarbonPandemic!
Long life to Joshua Wong and his co-leaders and brave Hong Kongers!
Long life to Indigenous climate Defenders and Democracy defenders in Bolivia and Ecuador and all forests of the world, which we must defend, even as we are being repressed, we must not falter and keep up with Civil Disobedience from monday August 3 2020 in Bolivia, Portland Oregon and where you are...
Join the fight for health, life, freedom and bread!

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