Join Civil Disobedience to Abrogate Genocidal Carbon Gassing Against Humanity Now!

Join Civil Disobedience to Abrogate Genocidal Carbon Dioxide Gassing Against Humanity Now!

Do most people really understand what BlackRockcarbonFascistRacists have done to over 6 million people who were unjustly gassed to death during WWII and in this third millenium the same BlackRockerCarbonFascistRacists are annually gassing over 7 million humans to death with CarbonDioxide, methane, nitrogen oxide&a thousand deadly fracking chemicals and most people still believe their lies that they are transitioning from fossil fuel to alternative energy through the Paris Agreement and keep being deceived by them and their cohort carbonGovs who keep endlessly subsidizing These same carbonFascistRacists with astronomical amounts of dollars, even in times or recession CoVidEconomy they keep getting subsidized and eternally naive people including Greta are clapping ParisAgreement which is been converted to a global carbon stock trade market with carbon tax, believing voluntary signers will abrogate carbon by 2050, when thete is no more time to wait bc the Artic tipping point, siberia and glacuars are exceeeding climate tipping points and by 2050 humanity will be going extinct while the naive won't believe the volunteer singing countries are perpetual cheaters& BlackRockCarbon Cohorts, Greta's policy of politely persuade them willhave permanently failed.
To those naive people we say:
Kind persuasion is a passive failed policy which produces nothing from Kyoto to present COP26 and carbon candidates Biden& Trump will continue to perpetuate genocidal carbon and compounded with nuclear arms race and nuclear contamination under the guise of producing dirty electricity.
Why don't you understand Peaceful Massive Civil Disobedience lead by Ghandi, MLK, George Lewis has yielded fruits. Ghandi got India's independence, MLK got Civil Rights Act & Lewish and Black Lives Matter are getting change against racism against black americans and people of color and unless you the naive join Civil Disobedience, we'll miss our last chance to #AbrogateGenocidal CarbonDioxideGassingAgainstHumanityNow.

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