Join Civil Disobedience where you are, to abrogate deadly Oil& gas pandemic now!

Join Civil disobedience where you are, to Abrogate deadly oil& gas Pandemic now!

My growing years friends' parents were BlackRock Carbon executives with conextions to Govs and religious heads and their parents to a grester or lesser extend, were involved in the demise of oil countries, geopolitical nations and millions of people who to a greater or lesser degree, were victims of these Banker-Carbon elitists, who run nowadays Black Rocker carbon transnational corporations.
Hindsight looking at some of them I mention few for brevity of time.
After WWI, these BlackRockbCarbon Cohorts who are good at secretly conspiring, colluding and retaliating together through proxies/ 3rd parties, divided the Ottoman empire to suit their oil interests and not the one Arab nation they had promised to have the arabs helped them defeat the Kaiser& Ottoman empire and weak nations they created against the will of theirs and after the bank rolling of Hitlerian Nazis to power, crashed them with the help of Arabs and then later Shell Colluding with the confederate minded American govs, overthrew Ataturk and placed their puppet Reza Pahlavi and made tons of money with Persian oil but exiled Khomeini returned and overthrew with the People but when khomeini ask extradiction of Pavlavi, BlackRockets pressed Carter and the latter refused extraditing the man who had cilluded and given away their oil for beggars change.
It was tbe BlackRockers and Carter who didn't want to extradite Pa lavi for fear of incriminating them and worst it was Reagan and the CIA who traded weapons for hostages when Persia could have been defeated and there would be no Khomeini& his present antagonist regime.
BlackRockers couldn't let go milking the carbon cow and they were involved in some presidents deaths like R Barrientos from Bolivia, the coup D'etats in Brazil, Venezuela, Chile(Allende), then the assasination of OILass Sadam in Irak, Khadaffi in Lybia, the attempt overthrow of Assad of Syria, the ongoing war in Afhhanistan which is the door along with Persia/ Iran to huge oil in the formet repulics of the Soviet Union in Central Asia, the reneguing of the peace deal with Iran and the hipocresy of not being anymore signatories of the deal for oddem nuclear missile reasearch but demanding it to stick to the deal which long ago they themselves abandoned and are waging a NeverEnding economic warfare to break the Persians and leave them dying of Famine and lastly Black Rocker Corps and Trump fabricated the pseudo government of J Guaido along with the EU, who tepresents only the Carbon Corporatio n.v s interests and they are desperate to seize the biggest oul reserve of the World: Venezueka and eith 20X carbon emissions they are going to be drilling& fracking oul and gas in few months in the Artic, Antartic, Oceans and forest reserves and selling carbon stocks at the biggest global carbon market after sugar coating it with a carbon tax and double carbon credit+ carbon credits from the Kyoto agreement. ParisAgreement
All the above factual evidence shows you BlackRock& Carbon Cohorts and carbon Govs like USA, Germany along with the UE& BRICS are delaying, delayong and delaying for the purpose of perpetuating their milking carbon cow and all thos proves when all or any of these out of control transnatiobal carbon cohorts talk of ending with csrbon by 2030 or like by by 2035 ir like Merkel& Macron and the Paris Agreement talk of ending carbon by 2050, are absolutedeception on Naive Gretas fridays fir future envueonmentalists bc they will not end it because the hard reality and hard evidence shows, even during CoVid Times, they keep getting bigger and bigger Trilion dollars carbon subsidiez, instead of subsidizing Mother Earth and the people, whose food, air, water and health are getting intoxicated with 600 ppm of deadly carbon gasses and killing annually the people by more than 7 million victims.
Case in point are sea oysters, which most people eat: These corporatists carbon cohorts poison our food Oysters with oil derivates like benzine, baby powder, microplastics, more than a 1000 deadly chemicals from fracking in addition to burning our forests for them to enrich themselves with transgenic soy and red meat and treati g us as stupid, Shell Oil Lies telling us to lower our guard and let them until 2030 sell more deadly oil& gas Pandemic, and pollute more with methane and nitrogen oxide but come 2030, they will continue selling their toxic oil& gas and pollution!
Either we Join massive civil Disobedience around the oil refineriesx,oil shipping ports&pipe lines or Black Rock and their carbon cohorts will continue gassing us with deadly gasses as carbon Hitler did it to 6 million innocent dissenters and millions of poor soldiers& civilians, including children!

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