Massive Indefinite Civil Disobedience continues in Bolivia for Democracy& the right to vote!

Massive Indefinite Civil Disobedience continues in Bolivia for Democracy & the right to vote!

August3 was the first day of the battle to free Bolivia& to rescue Democracy& rescue the right to vote Sep6 2020, to stop CroatNaziJews that fought along with GermanNazis& with CIA& Robber-tin-barons help, they escaped to SouthAmerica and the USA. This breed of CroatNaziJews in Bolivia are killing indigenous climate defenderz with CoVid by withholding respirators&AntiCoVid medicines, burning over ten Million heactares of Amazon forest for transgenic soy&Red meat, framing& persecuting innocent union leaders and the head of congress Betty Y.& beating elderly grandparents&CovidStarving the people and now gassing women, children& protestors with tear gas & chemical weapons as the NaziGermans gassed 6 million innocent dissidents with zyklonB.
These CroatNaziJews in this Bolivian Dictatorship is composed by the following breed: Jeanine Anez, Karen Longaric, Yerko Nunez, Arturo Murillo Prijic, LF Lopez, M S Ordonez, BE Capobianco Sandoval, Jose Luis Parada Rivero, supported by Ruben Costas, O Ortiz Antelo, Doria Medina, Fernando Camacho, Branko Marinkovic ( in the year 2009 Marinkovic-Nunez-Costas... lead an attempt of ethnic cleansing as it was done in their former country Yugoeslavia against Muslim civilians and here he goes again along with dictator Anez, with another attempt of ethnic cleansing in Bolivia& burning the Amazon forest, the lungs of humanity) Ivan Arias, F Vasquez, Alvaro Coimbra,Jorge Oropeza, Maria Roca de Sangueza, V H Zamora, Rogdrigo Guzman Collao, Maria E Pincker Vaca, C melchor Diaz Villavicencio.
Despite Gov repression, most of Bolivia's freeways remained blocked by countless blockades by self summon people, who want to have a legitimate elected president to save them from CoVid, countless fires...and reinstate their school year, sadly this breed of genociders of Sacaba and Senkata, closed the 2020-2021 the free school year and lies to them saying, it doesn't matter having a closed achool year, on your own you can learn from digital indoctrination classes the government will produce & broadcast....
Tomorrow is August 4th and the peaceful Massive Indefinite Civil Disobedience/Gral Strike will continue, bc self summoned people know peaceful massive civil Disobedience is the only way to free Bolivia, rescue Democracy and rescue their right to vote and rescue their unjustly closed school year and stop the burning of over ten million hectares of Amazon forest. These nazi croats jews who escaped justice are burning beyond Bolivia, in Brazil, Colombia, etc!
And rather than lament me, aiy me, aiy me, Massive civil Disobedience is the only way to go free and save our lives and give a future to our children& grandchildren under an elected legitimate Gov of the People who can bring peace and bread and health and not this unacceptable racist genociders NaziCroatJews in Bolivia, whose violence and deadly policies are giving a bad name to good jewish citizens coexting in the world!
Join this peaceful #MassiveIndefiniteCivilDisobedience for Democracy and for the right to vote Sep6 2020!
Anez, the blood of your unarmed, peaceful Civil Disobedience  ictims, claims for justice committed by your NaziCroatJewish blood stained hands, repeating the crimes of your  colonialist ancestors on indigenous Americans.
Stop shedding blood, resign and let someone else mayerialize elections and atone in Chonchocoro and at tour release, go on living & coexisting with everyone for we are all humans and must reciprocate duties& rights & coexist peacefully, for what shall you profit if you earn wealth but in the process of enriching yourself, you loose your humanity?

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