Mr Biden& Mr Trump why are you threatening us with compulsory vaccination of your unsafe-politically rushed CoVid19 vaccines?

Mr Biden& Mr Trump why are you threatening us with compulsory vaccination by your unsafe-politically rushed CoVid19 vaccines?

In my doctoral writing years met old faculty members who were good at most things they did, including surviving vaccines that got them ill and left them permanently disabled.
People would look at them, including some of their colleagues and spoke to them as to mentally retarded and/or brain death people. One they labeled "the billion questions man", the other "the gulf cart horse driver" and the third who was gay, "Carnivorous sausage meat eater"
I among few doctoral thesis writers met them, they were goodshooshoos bookish men, who were wise to advise others, "Before you get any kind of vaccine, find your facts whether it is a safe or unsafe vaccine, else you may be sorry too little to late and live limited lives like us...for blindly trusting vaccines"
I am now a retired faculty member but also a survivor to some epidemies, and still remembers his good shooshoos professors and agree with their common sense and questioning government compulsory vaccination.
These goodshooshoos were not mentally retarded but competent in their specialized field and to me a jewish& peaceful Amazonian goodshooshoos, they were my Albert Einsteins& Paul Hawkins, who were limited by their disabilities but their brains were umatched.

Disabled Jewish Sweedish child Greta Thunberg, who carbon trillonairs fear but unjustly estigmatized with Asperberg and demonized her, despite the fact, she is overcome her Asperberg syndrome and is a natural leader children her age and most adults have not matched. But as her global Skolstrekt climate movement grew, circumstancial evidence pointed towards the sudden aparition of Sars- 2 CoVid, which globally paralized for long crucial months her global Climate Defender movement and we've seen how undrr the excuse of saving jobs and emergency to save from bankrruptcy the Carbon industry (including deadly oil& deadly nuclear fuel& airlines& banks) has continued to being bailed out, tax cut, subsidized, etc.
What good does it really promote, for govs to arbitrarily favor and enrich deadly carbon& deadly nuclear corporations, while billions of humans are suffering famine, Covid pandemic, carbon pandemic, neverEnding oil wars...and rush unsafe political licensed CoVid vaccines before Nov3, to become elected president bc of providing CoVid Vaccines and pushing for compulsory vaccination so penalty of incarceration?
These are current real threats hanging over our heads and our children& grandchildren's and our elderly relatives!
I have survived Chicken pox epidemic& other childhood epidemies, and my last being CoVid19, just as Greta has survived, but i did it without compulsory vaccines, with great and patient medical help and above all my inmune system defense and do not plan to undergo compulsory vaccination by gov or god bc these upcoming political licensed vaccines by FDA do not meet rigorous scientific trials & have insufficient medical data & before the vaccines are licensed, Mr Trump is already signed contracts and paid th er nm in advance before knowing whether they work or are deadly unsafe which will not only kill permanently our inmune system but us, our children& grandchildren:
1] it hasn't met rogorous scuentific trials to shiw it works
2]10k or 30K persons is too little if a sample, it requires a minimun of 80 million people who can sh ou w it has worked to free them not only from CoVid 19 but over multiple mutations of Sars-2 CoVid.
80 million is 1% of humanity's 8 billion humans.
3)On which of the Covid viruses, is the vaccine really working on 99% of patients?
4] if your vaccines were to work, how come Mr Trump is sacked most scientists& medical experts in the CDC, the FDA and applies deadly pressure to step up the aprobal of license for these questionable& unsafe vaccines, just before Nov 3 elections?
5) why authorities and their carbon media are shutting down any one who questions these politically licensed CoVid Vaccines ahead of Nov3 elections?
6) Why are you implying compulsory state mandated vaccination and implying exclusion and incarceration to citizens whi question these insafe politically licensed CoVid Vaccines, hence recreating a eiled& sophisticated policyof Eugenics, which will happen as a result of gov mandatory vaccination and we are facing pitentially concentration camps & extermination as our ancestors and their friends suffered at the likes of ich Farben?
My goodsslhooshoos professors were wise men and forewarn us the perils of compulsory unsafe vaccination by the confederste Joseph Mengalas who follow Oliver Wendel Holmes, who used prejudice against people, " enough of 3 generations of imbeciles& feeble minded individuals" preached and his Eugenics policy nazi Joseph Mengala forced it by mandatory guinea pigging & inhumanly innocent goodshoos jews.
# NeverAgainIsNow

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