MurilloPrijic a SaintIgnatiusLoyola or a NaziCroatJewGenocider of Sacaba&Senkata Genocides of innocent climate defenders, again?

MurilloPrijic a SaintIgnatiusLoyola or a NaziCroatJewGenocider repeating #SacabaAndSenkataGenocides of Indigenous #ClimateDefenders, again?

The RacistCarbonBankers who bankrolled Hither's rise to power& Apocaliptic WWII& the inhuman genocide of more than 6 millions innocentDissidents, did it for oil in the Baku Fields, formet SovietUnion.
The HitlerianNaziCarbonGermans opened Nazi branches in each country they sighted to invade& later occupied& cobducted not only warfare but ethnic cleansings. The Yugoeslavia's Royalty run the NaziCroatJews along with the Gestapo,SS&OcupayingGerman Army, in Croat language called it Ustasha, in the german language of then was Nazi& but after their defeat by soviets& the OSS/laterCIA &Catholics of pope Pious, provided the logistics to escape them from justice for war crimes against Humanity as a consequence of the Nuremberg trial of Goebbels & his cohorts, but germannazis & croatnazijews and other nazi chapter members were never tried for crimes against Humanity but given lands at their destination: Confederate minded USA's most notorius nazi was W Braun but instead of trialing him Truman& Eishenhower made him the heroe of NASA and they changed the nazi es apees nazis and Hollywood is still controlled by these breed and their movies glorified nazism& US war agenda, so the criminals were made heroes, genocide became glory and death was made a sanctified value instead of life and glorifying innocent pacifiers, and economic hoarding was made a pseudo competition instead of cooperation and coexistence& recipeocity for people of color or multiethicity, hence
USA elitistAryan Presidents made carbon a holly commodity to control the globe and made of war a pseudo art& heaven respectively, always lead by their BlackRockCarbon Cohorts, for oil is the basis of their war machine and their heaven is death and their sainthood is resurection for a milleium but they haven't proved resurrection nor show it to be replicated in lab or real life, thereby is holy- deception of their believers!
Murillo's parents were among those escapees aided by the TinRobber barons in Bolivia got free large lands& they taught him& his sister, their NaziCroatJew secret credo and hrew in their exclusive breed circles along with Jeanine Anez who had settled in Beni.

Murillo a former failed tennist and car racer was financed by Doria Medina and recruited along his NaziCroatjew peers by the USAID/CIA as Civil Contractors, worked along operatives TutoQuiroga, Doria Medina for Carmelo Choque/AKA EricForonda, who run the embassy temporary tenants as is the most sophisticate individual in the art of Coup Making.
After bribing with millions of dollars commanders of large guarrison in Bolivia, Foronfa had Anez flown by airforce airplane to La Paz city and using kidnappings of key relatives to heads of the bolivian congress extorsuon them to resign their scongressuobal seats in exchange to liberate their kidnapped relatives and Quiroga extortioned under orders of Foronda extortioned A Salvatierravto resign the senate presidency in exchange to allow AMLO's airforce jet to fly E Morales to exile in Mexico. Manipulating briebed Armed force's chief Kaliman& Police chief Calderon, had gotten Kaliman coersed Morales to resign and Cakderob informed Foronda his Nal Police& paramilitary forces were ready to escort Anez to Congress and seal it. Foronda send Anez, along with his NaziCroatjews and when they got in, manipulated the few congressmen to let Anez take the presidential succession. Copa hesitated and still waited for Salvatierra's large caucas but then Calderon aware of it, asked Foronda& Murillo and both ordered to bot let them into their congressional ALP house. Without congress rejection or acceptance of Morales resignation, Foronda ordered Anez, to proceed and take the presidential sash and auriproclaim herself transitional president, flanked by military and police and pseudo progresists right wing party chieves, Anez assumed the presidency and ahe proceeded to appoint her NaziCroatJews to her exclusive Aryan religious cabinet, making the black book of racism, hatred, genocide& Apocalyptic destruction before the pseudo-peace-millenium arrives, the central tenet of her Gov.
They decided to keep the incendiary package laws to burn over 10 million of Amazon forest, signed genocide decree of indigenous climate defenders who had stop The prior Mesa 4 million hectars of Forests and Evi's 10 million forests burns and this breed of racist people proceeded with inmunity and impunity as in their former croat country of Yougoeslavia, these NaziCroatJews committed cold and calculated Genocide Sacaba and Genocide Senkata of i n.v digenous climate defenders, by capturing their field keaders, kneeling them at gun point and summarily executing them as their parents executed their victims, with a shot to the back of the head, during Black November 2019.
Dr Felipe Campos denounced them among countless people and on Dec2 2019 he requested Anez& Murillo to quarentine Bolivia but they rejected it and colluding and retaliating against him and scores of indigenous leaders, kept him exiled.
Dr Campos, a dark little known Mallku indigenous kept denouncing ethnic cleansing of indigenous by decte 4078.
Murillo using their massive media in Bolivia and Foronda's international access to media, went on the offensuve with insidious lies as is characteristic of Nazism, of blaming the unarmed indigenous of being executioners of their own indigenous brothers to blame the Anez Gov who is saving them from Evil atheist comunist- socialist gov.
But Dr Felipe Campos a former campaign adviser and retired academician, saw exile as no impediment and he and scores of Bolivians debubked, dehorned and dethroned Murillo's outrageous lies showing Bolivia was never a communist nor socialist country bc evo was all talk but had no changed the economic, political& social structures of the State nor had brought socialist economy nor had delivered weapons nor created armed militias nor the gov had proved they assasinated their own brothers nor was able to deny their gov has the sole monopoly of weapons and ammo.
Anez had openly admitted she wants indigenous off the cities and wants to ban their culture of Mother Earth as sinfully pagan but without Mother Earth there is extinction, for there is no planet B but false expectations of the exitance of Heaven and resurrection
Anez is long abandon any caring for 12 million people and has a andoned fighting CoVid, whoch drains the money she needs for her NaziCroatJewGenocider peers, bc for her reciprocity only exist among equals and not visavis indigenous pagan Mother Earth's lovers. And having learned from Branko Marinkovic's failed ethnic cleansing of 2009, Murillo brags on TV, he will succeed publicly and blames all talk-Evo-no-actions and Arce-Catacora the imminent winner of Sep6 presidencial elections, implying he will not hesitate to act against Civil Disobedience protestors who have paralized the country by peaceful means to rescue Democracy, their right to vote and free their country, and threats them "You remember November 2019" and sentences, " They will be sorry if by thursday they don't unblock for if there are dead men is bc of Morales& Arce" lies and attempts to built alibies for their exclusive NaziCroatianJew gov and shift the upcoming thursday massacre of unarmed peaceful civil disobedient people, who want back their Democracy and their right to vote Sep6th.
Indigenous Mallku Felipe Campos compares him to Cain,
"Cain Murillo what you and your genociders have done to peaceful climate defenders in Sacaba& Senkata,for you to continue to premeditate and coldly execute your unarmed& peaceful victims again, instead of delivering respirator and AntiCovid medicines? If on thursday you ethnically cleanse again, you will never be able to count the bodies of your victims and clean your blood stained hands and in the end as the ants defeated the Nazielephant, you will be defeated but serve lifetime in Chonxhocoro prison as Goni will if he returns. Fly to your estate in Miami, bc if you fail to escape like goni now, you will enjoy the heavens of Chonchocoro like Garcia Mesa, along with your NaziCroatJewGenocider for crimes against humanity, which don't expire"

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