Old Caudillos vs New True leaders, before Anez closes Congress!

Old caudillos vs New true leaders before Anez closes Congress!

A caudillo is a coward who remains on the hind lines hiding while sending others to fight on the vanguard. He deceives the people by propanganda and builts his deification while alive and makes secret deals and embeds with any party that supports his individualistic narcissistic megalomaniac wishes. Talks of change but nevet changes the economic, political& social steuctures and deceives the people by brainwashing them culturally into believing he is brought change but there us no change but resignation to remain poor under the caudillo, who with his cabinet of many parties shows off lavish parties and luxeries to say that's progress but it's not bc its the old horderers system and his overabubdance is not the peopke's oveabundance and he pays & rewards the ones who lip service him before the people and becomes nepotist olygarchy wrongly called revolutionary but no economic, polirical nor social structure has ever changed!

A leader is made by the people, always looking for the greater common good of the people, always leading the people in the vanguard. Their fate is his fate and he offers his life for the people and the people never deserts him. And he is always forming new leaders in his horizontal social movement structure, so if he were to fall in the frint lines, there are many leaders who will take his place and his goal to liberate them from economic, political& social injustices, continues, for he lives through the new leaders and his people and can't be destroyed till his leaders change the economic, poltical& social structure for the whole people and not for the few!
For purpose of clarity will discuss two in the heart of the Amazones and South America: Evo Morales& Felipe Quispe.
Evo a graduate from Elitist Tambo school. Promising structural reforms made it to oower, aided by USAID.
Was 14 years in power along with Latifundio cruceno, decreted 3978 & burnt 10 million hectareas which alienated indigenous Climate defenders & worst Evi gave away to Latifundio transgenics& 10 million hectareas and abrogated penal law for medical malpractice or refusal to treat a patient& wrongly persecuted indigenous& kept his meighbor Mallku Felipe Campos 14 years exiled w/o any due process nor any charge And Latifundistas rosquero crucenos paid him bad for the free lands evo gifted them through INRA and his military commander& police comander paid him bad and with a civic military they threw him out.
Evo chose not to fight but flew to exile and he kept sacking indigenous leader Andronico Rodriguez from becoming the presidencial candidate and in Bs As sacked him for the second time along with David choquehuanca and put Arce catacora. Evo didn't formed leaders and sadly he that wrobgky resigned call himself president and thinks he is a candidate, which weakens the indigenous social movements.
Having chosen to embed hinself with latifundio rosquero poluticiansbon his 24 years of Gov, he devalued and harmed indigenous socual mo ements and leaders that were being born by themselves.
Hope he would change but again hevsurrenders in Bs As with musicians who deified the man who wasted 14 years& built soccer fields instead of hospitals& for ys indigenous to make it again is uphill bc Evo& Eva Copa cowardly continue to extend Dictatir Anez i n.v stead of having gotten an agreement not to disqualify arce Catacora and instead of having the ALP name as presidential sucessor Sergio Choque S!
Come Ocober18 & Anez will delay again under the excuse of CoVid& no one will enforce the violation of the lOctuber 18th elec-toral law!
Mallku Felipe Campos& Mallku Felipe Quispe have experienced repression from Dictator Banzer, Dictator Garcia Mesa, and currently Mallku Campos& Quispe faces political persecution from dictator UstachaJudiaAnez. The former being kept exiled by Anez and the Latter facing a framing of judicial persecution for sedition& terrorism along other indigenous people who protested peacefully with civil Didobedience for a out 2 weeks.
Mallku Quispe is the veteran lndigenous leader who faced Neoliberal governments duch as Goni Sanchez L and led the. Anguard against Mesa, the coward caudillo ad Evo, who always flees confronting the wrong doer gov, he is Camouflaged Goni, while Mallku Quispe has been leading the people in the vanguard.
Siles Suazo entering Bolivia ilegally ovethrow dictators. Mallku Quispe is not living in Bs As with luxery but still leading the People and he us a teue lider compared to those named cowards who the but kissers sing, " You are the people, you are my contry" which is a neurotic sick individual, bc Bolivia is 12 million people and not 1 self exiled
You are free to unfollow me but learn from the mistakes and be a leader rather than a neuroric self exiled who believes the lie he is 12 million people bc he is not but a poor misguided little alcoholic who misguides Eva Copa onto being a coward and both cowardly continue to extend dictator Anez and surrender to the octuber 18 fakse eleccukn promise, bc Anez won't materialize elections and either she will rule by decrees only after closing the ALP or either will handout her government to another latifundio rosquero and we'll suffer a full military dictatoship.
We ibdigenous climate defenders will support an indigenous Leader, who will purchase bipap or CPap machines to CoVid Patients instead of costly surgical invasive respirators which ends knocking off tour weak lungs, while bipapa or Cpap machines help your lungs breath and get well and barely cost 2K dol li ara compare to a 30k expensive respirator!
Since Anez has no desire to materialize elections and before Anez closes congress ALP, this latter must appoint Sergio Choque S interim president, otherwise when Anez makes her move to close ALP. It will be too little too late to unseat her via ALP and it will cost us another black October as we experienced in 2003!

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