Only Massive Civil Disobedience can Abrogate Carbon gassing against Humanity& Qualified inmunity!

Only Massive Civil Disobedience can Abrogate Carbon Gassing Against Humanity &  end Qualified Inmunity!

We are perpetually EliteCarbonState within the State, deceived when we are inhumanly overabused by crime and punishment because we are Natural born citizens of color who are the absolute mayority not only in USA but Humanity, but hold no Gov in our hands bc from Religion to Academia to gov& economic power the EliteRacistCarbonState within a State controls them since religion was created to the present and these few hoarderers malusing the structures of the State have left us without any solution but we must peacefully exercise masdive Disobedience to address these ingrained unjustices, they opresses with.
Take the crimes of their exclusive members such as Trump& Stone& police:
Against any crimes they enjoy of qualified inmunity& impunity and are practicly above the rule of law, which is the yoke they have created to keep us under to perpetuate their carbon way of life& inmunized-crimes.
In other words, crime & punishment was, is and will be created to control & opress the absolute mayority of Humanity!

About El Evan/Stone's factual reality, is backed by NY Times investigative reporters who published their own investigation on the unjustified forgiveness to his former campaign adviser Stone, who was convicted on 7 crimes but didn't serve a single day in prison for his 7 penal crimes but received Trump's call to personally let him know since he didn't squealed against the president, like Nixon's cohorts, so he is pardoned for comitting his 7 crimes and being faitfull to the end!
This is collusion& retaliation which are the capital rules in their breed of people, bc Geoffrey Berman a Federal US prosecutor of the Justice Department was fired for having Stone ( who for 40 years advised presidents and presidencial candidates) convicted for 7 crimes committed, which may have involved Trump.
Trump was investigated by Mueller and when congress conducted impeachment proceeding for abuse of power and russian election connection, most EliteCarbonSenate membets implicitly protecting one of their racial breed, voted to acquit him.
Trump's pardoning of El Evan/Stone implies his faithfull advisers who committed penal crimes will be pardoned if they keep remaining faithful...
Since January's police murder of..., and due to Elitists' QUALIFIED INMUNITY DOCTRINE created by EliteSCOTUS.
In January 1998, police murder Black American Eric Garner and his murderous police aere protectrd by Qualified Inmunity even though they had murdered Garner. Them 598 innocent people of color have been murdered by police and they are free, inmune and impune and George Floyd would be alive today, had Elitists racistCarbonState within a State in January 1998 had prosecuted Eric Garner's murderous policemen.
We demand Congress to abrogate Qualified Inmunity which is a blank check for police to keep scot free murdering people of color and remaining free under the cover of administrative paid leave, to quiet the anger and pain of the people& relatives!
Ghandi with masfove Civil Disobedience fot Indi . MLK civil rights produced the Civil Rights act & Fair Housing Act& the Voting Rights Act and we can abrogate our human extinction and compell Congress to abrogate/end Qualified Inmunity, so people of color are no more unjustly killed by the ElitistRacistCarbonState within a State, and its carbonpolice serving genocidal Black Rock carbon interests!

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