Open letter to Erik Solheim in re: Still misguided by fossil fuel& plastic policies?

Open letter to Dr Erik Solheim
Re: Misguided by fossil fuel& plastics policies?

Dear Dr Solheim:
it saddens me, that misguided colleagues like you, adamantly repeat a subtle pattern of being apologists& empower & perpetuate fossil fuel& it's derivates&do not want to see the deadly consequences of microplastics, already in our human bodies are causing organs colapse& premature deaths of humans& animals and currently our babies feeding from our food chain, are breathing& ingesting microplastics from our food chain. Countless billions of animals dying and us humans edging slowly to the extiction brink, thanks to unrepentant BlackRock Carbon corporations and apologists like you, dear colleague.
Will u magically remove ingested microplastics that last 500 years from our blood flow& organs, while BlackRock& its cohorts enrich and laugh at our pain, tears and suffering, when the solution is not Fossil fuel& derivates but AbrogateCarbonNow rather than legalize& perpetuate genocidal carbon gases, sugar coated by the carbon stock trade at ParisAgreement market, with carbon tax& double carbon credits until 2050, then on bc G7& BRICS cheaters can't help cheating humanity out of its helath and life.
What kind of good can your Solheim science bring by perpetuating deadly plastic to allegedly conserve food.
You remember, since the time of our Neantherthal ancestors didn't need any fossil fuel& plastics for food, health and life preservation.
Only from JPMorgan, Rockefeller& Ford plastic was imposed by bankers& carbon industrialists to enrich themselves and lately with all this global consumerism and Gobbelian propaganda at Academia, these fossil& plastics& banker interests of this breed of 1% of humanity, keeps being imposed and perpetuated by you and BlackRock corporations who control not only G7 but countless govs, while by band aid gimmickly trying to cure cancerous fossil fuel& plastics.
You meed to tell the billions of living beings in the oceans, dying trapped in plastic nets, choking with plastics in their lungs and guts, and humans dying with incurable cancers die ti what you preach, that fossil & plastics are good bc you Solheim say so.
Certainly not!
Will you join peaceful Disobedience around oil refineries, oil seaports and plastics petrochemical factories to abrogate carbon Now& abrogate plastics instead of conserve plastic and perpetuate them at the cost of humanity's existance?
AbrogateNot Reuse 500 years lasting toxic plastic! Abrogate not recycle deadly plastic!
Abrogate fossil fuel&;pladtic now, & not in the S&P stock trade market, bc they continuously reivent themselves and reappear with new names or through their forner offshoots. Corporations are fake citizens created by SCOTUS& don't die, they simply reinvent themselves and last while we naturally born citizens die after short lives!
Pioneering California enactex plastic recycling policies, all were deceptions written and uneforced by fossil fuel& plastic legislators and politicians. Recycle is a failed policy. Abrogation is a succesful& sound policy!
In the middle ages Europe still suffered famine, while the Incas produced an excess of food.
Case in point, take the precolombian inca culture who created without fossil fuel & plastic, over 10 thousand varieties of potatoes, which our western pompous technology & science society can't create even with today's knowleage, eh?
European colonizers imposed by gun power, the end of their culture and knowledge and overwhelmed their descendants with fossil fuel& plastics, racism, religion, carbon, covid& their 2nd amendment death squads and the result is Famine, epidemics and slow genocide.
Thanks fossil fuel& plastics, but no thanks!
Public exchange of ideas is benign while secret messages are harmful to our society, for the seed of abuse& perpetuation comes from secrecy, something needs to change, don't you think so?
I wait your public answer& not secret message, right?
Domitila Mamani M
August 26th 2020

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