Open letter to A Guterres& M Bachelet in re: Anez Genocides& tear gas violations

Open letter to @AntonioGuterres& @mbachelet
Re: M Bachelet's Bolivia HR report& tear gas violations!
Dear Antonio& Michelle:
I've read your report and you are only raising questions about the Sacaba& Senkata dead& wounded victims and President Anez's Decree 4078. You Mitchelle slap Anez on the wrist& empower her to evade her government's responsibilities for violating HR. Yet be reminded, the UN, EU and USA put Anez in power since Nov 12th 2019 and have continued to perpetuate multiple times Anez in power with implied threats of economic and political consequences to Bolivia, which caused the indigenous oposition two week old civil Disobedience for Elections in sept 6th, to give up and you imposed the octuber 18th election, which will cause higher count of indigenous victims bc of the arrival of the 2nd wave of CoVid19, forewarned by WHO!
Mitchelle you white wash Anez' Sacaba&Senkata genocides& uselessly recomend for the Bolivian State Attorney Gral and independent NGOs to investigate the Genocides, which you chose not to call genocides.
If you think I am wrong why couldn't you enter to the UN and Security Council to vote for a censuring& isolating the Anez Gov as you do to Cuba?
Or under your watch as previous UN administrations, will you let your offices to continue the dictates of the mayority donnor of your salaries bc these are indigenous clinate defenders who you think they have no souls and are salvage animals?
Come Octuber 18th 2020, will you keep perpetuating your sponsored Anez Gov & overlook your duties to enforcing the UN charter & Anez's Violations on human rights?
It is against the charter to use war forbidden tear gas even in international conflicts, worst against citizens of o ne's countries, but beyond lip service, why aren't you censuring as UN, by vote, against Anez and other govs for continuing to kill and leave permanently disabled the civilian victims of tear gas?
What is the point of having a UN and an office of UNHCHR, when you are simply rubber stamping the dictates of the mayority donnor of your paid salaries?
Domitila Mamani M

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