Part II: Temporarily Trump delays pay roll taxes in desperate attempt to get reelected

PartII: Temporarily Trump withholds payroll taxes in desperate attempt to get reelected!

Withholding taxes is what young Dr Felipe Campos and John Yoo had discussed at School in the 80's decade and Yoo got up angry and turning left the man who thought how to break the pyramid scheemer-CarbonCapitalist system by refusing to pay taxes. But decades later turning Dr Felipe Campos' ideas upside down and inside out, Yoo just presented it to Trump and Trump is acting on it now and playing his deceitful magic trick by pulling off his top hat, alleged hidden powers the presidency has, but its all deception to be reelected and it starts from.about september to mid November 2020 past election time and brings peotracted legal battles. And Trump and Yoo are getting away with it, past election time in years of protracted legal suits.
RacistCarbonTrump& RacistCarbonJoeBiden are scheemer-con men, who double talk& endlessly deceive The People/Tax Payers, who generate the wealth and pay for huge interests on the National debt and fat pensions for these ElitistsCarbonParasiteState within the United States.
Trump signed 4 documents/Memos&/ or Executive orders:
1] Repurposing unspent 50 billions of FEMA money
2] 400 dollars of Enhanced Unemployment payment to 30 million workers for about 2 months
3] Delay renter evictions& delay of Student Aid Loans debt for student(& or former students who are unemployed) debtors
4] Temporary suspension of pay-roll taxes

What must be done:
1] Congress should impeach and or sue RacistCarbonTrump for violating the constitutional mandate of tax-and- spend power of congress and all 51 governors of states that form the USA, should sue Trump bc due to CoVid epidemic they are close to going broke and Trump's signing those 4 memos& executive orders will bankrrupt them and they won't be able to pay 25% of those 400 dollars/week enhanced unemployment payments to workers nor pay Medicaid to medicaid/ medical insured millions of economically poor americans. Evil CarbonNaziTrump's orders, potentially exposes millions of pensioners not to receive their monthly pensions due to withholding pay roll taxes...!
And millions of SSI& Medicare& Medical beneficiaries should protest on the streets now, rather than lament later the loss of their medical insurance, right when we all need them due to CoVid Pandemic and Trumps enacted executive orders will cost countless deaths bc americans may not get the medical services & tests covered by these programs overburden by Trump's deceitful enacted executive orders.
And renters will not get any money to pay the rent they owe, bc Trump is not giving them any penny, bc all his orders are directed to CDC, Health & Human service Administration and HUD department, "to consider, identifying unspent money and whether to assist renters" which does nothing for renters, but its all empty public relations and electoral campaing for Trump to be reelected
And worst it exposes Employers who withold pay roll taxes to deduct after December 2020 to pay all tax owed, which Trump used to pay 75% of 400 dollars/weekly to 30 million unemployed workers& workers may not get 25% missing payment of 400 dollars bc 51 states are about to go broke due to CoVid bc they collect less taxes due to the unemployed workers during CoVid Pandemic time have no money to spend consuming so consumer goods' taxes severely decreased!

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