Please beware of CCRR 2nd Amendment Death Squads in our streets! (I)

   Please beware of CCRR 2nd Amendment Death Squats in our Streets! (I)

Bad breed Confederate ReligousRacists for over 400 years have been enslaving& genociding Blacks, exported their RacistGenocide Credo from USA and as 2nd Amendment Death Squads have kept inmune& impunely murdering People of color in LatinAmerica Banana Republics!
Now colluding, embedded, shielded& protected by white police, are reimposing their Cotton White Banana Republic USA, in our streets, where unarmed blacks are murdered by Police, but Against their own police credo, when finding armed people are declared " Armed& Dangerous" and are killed on the spot by here police officer have water, cued and when the white murderer murdered 2 and wounded a third unarmed innocent people of color, police didn't shoot the murderer who they saw him murdering people but didn't shoot him but protected him and witheld the name of the white murderer, who is a programmed-ticking bomb 2nd amendment Death Squad member, publicly terrorizing the people, for these badshhooshoos breed who rule by machivellian public terror!
How many more unarmed& peaceful people will die unjustly, at the hands of white plantation masters to walk out free for being- underaged-Programmed-ticking bombs-& not tried as Adults for their religious- racist- genocidal evil acts?
Environmentalist Americans if we are to rescue America& Mother Earth, peacefully join CivilDisobedience till Carbon, CoVid, Religion, Racism,2nd Amendment& Death Squads are Abrogated Now

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