Police shock the concience of America!

Police shock the concience of America!

Police shock the concience of America, that previous to the shooting of 3 unarmed protestors in Kenosha, the police seeing him armed with a war assault rifle, while giving him a bottle of water, encouraged him to shoot. Then he went his way and then shot at 3 unarmed protestors and to avoid the protestors stop him physically and question him why he executed them, the shooter waived to several police vehicles and calmly deliver himself to the police.
In all shooting, whenever shots are fired and the police see someone armed, they act according to police culture, " armed and dangerous" and shoot the armed shooter, who is a danger to others and himself, but this police force, shielded and protected the shooter and didn't let the FBI arrested him!
There were death squats armed as the shooter at the scene but police didn't arrest them for being armed with assault rifles
What a diservice to the rule of law and society, the law enforcing police doesn't enforce and peaceful protestors are expose not only to vigilantism but these death squats who are a danger to unarmed americans who are peacefully expressing their constitutional grievances of innocents being murdered in what is supposed to be the core of Democracy!
Why the words and acts of our law enforcers are not matching and how can we trust police who act with a double standard for white armed death squads, while police shot 7 shots in the back of unarmed Jacob Blake for being black, before his terrorized kids:
Judge by yourself:

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