Protest for Belorussians& Bolivian indigenous Climate Defenders!

Protest for Belorussian& Bolivian Climate Defenders!

BlackRock carbon corporations don't care the political color of your country, whether they poisons the food you eat, the water you drink, the air you breath and whether as a consequence of their deadly carbon emissions, your offspring suffer birth defects or you are massively inprisoned or killed, as long as your government submits& colluding with them, make outrageous profits at the expense of the people.
Look around and you find China colluding with BlackRock carbon Corps and hail capitalism, hail profit and shut people off!
Look at Belorus& Bolivia, where peaceful but brave people with bare hands challenge their opressive governments armed to the teeth and BlackRock carbon corporations' media acts with a Double Standard!
Brave Belorusians have suffered not only a presidential fraud election but are being human rights violated, killed, imprisoned, forced to declare no more protests under extortion-coercion and their leaders exiled!
We don't doubt Lukashenko lost& brave SviatlanaTsihanovskaya won and was arrested unconstitutionally, extorsion- coersed to video record a call to end protests against Lukashenko, to save her imprisoned husband's life, her children' lives& her own. And now they are exiled in one of the Baltic Republics but her husband remains Dictator Lukashenko's hostage, for the purpose to continue extortioning her!
The west is ready to economicly punish Lukashenko& he's releasing tortured prisoners to avoid punishment!
In contrast BlackRock Carbon Corporations& their media have continued racistly, to exclude indigenous Climate Defenders in Bolivia lead by Mallku Felipe Quispe's social movements in El Alto& Southern Cochabamba, requesting Dictator J Anez resignation for her neverEnding postponement of elections alleging CoVid19 will kill the people and CNN's anchorman Fernando del Rincon, a CIA civil contractor has demanded to security czar A Murillo and his UstachaNaziCroatJewGenociders, military and police to be deployed and "to shoot" peaceful indefinite civil Disobedience protestors, and Murillo agreed "Shooting protestors is the right thing to do"
And Mr Trump has declared his utmost support for Dictator Anez
And the fact civil Contractors Evo Morales&EvaCopa surrendered and signed another election cancelations unde
r US& EU pressure but in El Alto, La Paz & Southern Cochabamba civil disobedience protestors continue to resist BlackRock Carbon Corps& US and EU pressure and seek Dictator Anez's resignation
Climate Defenders in El Alto& Southern Cochabamba have seen Anez says anything to stay in power but her government is stepping up deaths by Covid by refusing to import badly needed Respirators& medicines after pocketing almost 3 billion dollars donated and borrowed money for coVid, into her private pockets, after importing a token lot of useless respirators which are rusting bc they lack electronic hardware to make it work and paid over 27 million dollars overpriced costs for insuficient CoVid tests Indigenous protestors know, CoVidFamine, rising CoVid deaths won't decrease until she is resigned and an eleted president allocates antiCoVid funds!
Dispite distance Belorussians& Bolivians knew CoVid can't deter them from voting and know BlackRock Carbon Corps and their accomplice govs won't save them from CoVid and know only the people saves the People& only through Civil Disobedience they stand a chance to make a change for the better & give a future to the children& grand children.
People of the globe, protest where you are against these capitalist oppresive inhuman carbon governments and those who are close to Belorus and Bolivian embassies& consulates, please picket and protest in front of those diplomatic missions. Bc tomorrow, it could be us needing their solidarity and protests, to save our lives!
Long live Belorussians!
Long live Bolivian Climate Defenders!

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