Purchase Bi-pap, C-pap machines instead of costly intrusive AntiCoVid respirators!

Purchase Bi-pap, C-pap machines instead of costly intrusive Anti-CoVid respirators!

About February 2020, retired Doctor Felipe Campos advised poor countries that have no money to order large numbers of respirators/ ventilators to fight CoVid 19, to ask a for CoVid patients, a doctor who can write them a prescription for a Bi-pap or even C pap machine and purchase it with their own savings for 2K USD with their own savings. And if they are broke, place the covid patient sleep on side position or face down to help their weak lungs breath. Dictator J Anez didn't listen and imported 170 overpriced respirators and bc they are missing electronic digitalized components, they became useless and are rottening in storage, bc you can't use them for emergency use.
Now end August 2020 most doctors in industrialized nations are using instead of trachea- lung invasive respirators/ ventilators, bi-pap machines or c-papa machines and flupping their hospital Covid19 patients to their sides or face down to help them breath when they lungs are unable to breath on their own.
How could a retired academician had forseen it versus what now respectable medical institutions are using in treating Covid infected patients?
Dr Felipe Campos a retired human anatomist academician, dressing like a martian with CoVid19 protective gear, was at a friend's house, fipping someone's wife, to her side to breath and days after had her husband get a doctor prescription for a Bi- pap machine and upon artival, he filled the bi-pap machine's water tank for keeping humid temperarure at 60F degrees and placed the machine's mask on her mouth.
21 days after his friend's wife was fine and her doctor gave her a clean health bill and both called him and thank their friend Felupe Campos and asked if there was a way they could pay him for his help.
"You are healthy and that ti me is a pay check"
They insisted and he repeated the same and then the wife asked him, " I'd like to buy you a thank you gift"
" well in that case, give me the gift"
"anything you want"
" a poor family of seven kids's mother is ill and i want you"
"Stop, stop proposing my wife" her husband intervened& cursed him.
His wife said, "let him answer"
"He wants you"
" what are you saying?"
* I was saying but your husband cut me off"
" Speak, i will listen"
" i want you to gift your bipap machibe to a mother of 7 children who can't even afford to feed her children and she is asked me to help her..."
" i will be glad to help another woman. You can have it"
" But" Now her husband wasn't about to give it away but his wife would't hear it. And when dr Felupe Campos came to pick it up, she handed him her bi papa machine for she suffers not sleep apnea but used it to fight the CoVid illness she had.
Two months later, the couple, I and Dr Felipe Campos gave a baby shower, to the mother of 7 kids.
And the same bi pap machine is now being used by a junior high year immigrant student whose parents can't afford the 2k dollars the bipapa machine cost.
It's too bad in the richest country and the biggest capitalist country, invisible millions of latinamerican immigrants when getting ill, many are dying unnecessarily of Sars-2 created CoVid pandemic.
"I could have plenty money hoarded away with the ideas i had, but it would be unjust to profit on poor people's tears, pain, desperation and fear to die and then be unable to carry that hoatded money to the afterlife bc I have no bride, no wife and no descendants, so carbon capitalism must go, for the alternative is extinction of humanity by Carbon capitalism, CoVid, forests fires that dry the moist and more people are being genocided by dry air which prolongs and spreads Covid Pandemic, caused by carbon cprporations colluding with carbon govs, who burn their forests to get rich by transgenic soy and red meat and these are the selfish carbon elites who are genociding humanity slowly"


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