SOS for Bolivian Indigenous Climate Defenders suffering denyal of CoVid medical assistance!

SOS for Bolivian indigenous Climate Defenders suffering denyal of CoVid medical assistance!

After pocketing around 3 billion dollars in gifts and loans to fight the CoVid epidemic, Racist Dictator Anez, sits iddle while countless indigenous Climate Defenders die at home bc of being denied medications and CoVid respirators, bc Anez dehumanized and hates
them and calls them satanic and coldly waits for them to die, to decrease votes against her.
That's why she keeps cacelling elections, until she can have decreased numbers of AntiAnez Voters and despite the Boivian congress having aproved a compulsory law mandating profiteer private clinics(3KUSD/night) to treat them free of charge.
Anez has Defacto condemned them to die bc she refuses to sign the law that would save indigenous Climate Defenders lives bc Mr Trump has said so to her and she complies willing and wanton those orders, bc she wants to win elections and the only way is to kill as many as she can by not signing said saving law!
Please picket before the Bolivian embassy and consulates, to have Anez sign said Congressioal aprove law, awaiting endlessly for her signature!

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