SOS: UstashaNaziCroatAnez GovAttacks peaceful unarmed Bolivian climate defenders

SOS: UstashaNaziCroatAnez Gov attacks peaceful unarmed Climate Defenders in Bolivia!

With operation Ojula/ Storm in 1991 till 1995 UstashaNaziCroatJewGenociders terrorized& massively killed 20K Serbs and burned over a quarter million Serb homes, destroyed Yugoeslavia, and over the ashes of ethnic cleansing, seceding they built their Republic of Croatia& along with the CIA executed in Nov12 2019 a Coup in Bolivia to get Lithium and land for red meat, minerales& oil& gas, at gun point imposed their UstashaCroatGenocider Gov headed by JeanineAnez and after being unable to win elections, multiple times cancelled it and when the indigenous owners of the Bolivian land with peaceful Civil Disobedience demanded their right to vote Sep 6th 2020, Anez played the victim before the CIA puppet Organization of American States, falsely alleging the Indigenous were violently rejecting Gov oxygen tanks & medical supplies and were waging war against her Gov. And after building said alibi, armed her UstashaNaziCroatJewGenociders, transported them in State Military and mostly police marked vehicles and ambulances, then began to unleash them on peaceful Civil Disobedients standing for their right to vote Sep 6th and as the dead squats attacked unarmed indigenous climate defenders, police used Geneva Convention War forbidden chemical weapons such as tear gas, and the UstashaNaziCroatJew death squaths kidnapped in police vehicles, tens of them.
We fear for their lives and well being and place this SOS to everyone, to please protest before Bolivian embassies& consulates, requesting for the UstashaCroatGenociderAnez Gov in Bolivia, to produce the kidnapped& unconstitutionally arrested indigenous Climate Defenders and if the Ustasha Anez Gov wants to charge them, must do it in public and not secret courts and assign them lawyers to competently represent them, but meantime must release them on their own recognizing and not condemn them to death by imprisoning them in overcroaded & unattended CoVid infected prisons&stop violating their human rights bc freedom of speech is not a crime and the UstachaNaziCroat Gov in Bolivia must stop violating the UN charter on Human rights, enter dialogue and let them exercise their right to vote.
We hold the UstashaNaziCroatGenocider AnezGov responsiblee for their health and lives.
War forbidden weapons such as Tear Gas, which causes breath shortage, nauseas, vomiting, burning itchy eyes& causes women to suffer excruciating bleeding every ten days and men suffer frequent painful testicle inflamation, etc. This is why the Geneva convention forbade their use in war among combatant armies and it's inhumane for UstashaNaziCroatAnez Govt to use tear gas against civilian peaceful unarmed Climate Defenders, who are requesting through civil Disobedience, the right to vote Sep6 as lawfully approved by the elected Congress, the only one representing the people and not UstashaNaziCroatGenociderAnez!

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