Space-nuclear arms race& nuclear mushrooms hanging over our heads!

Hiroshina, Nagasaki& UncleJoeJackson's space-nuclear arms race &nuclear mushrooms hanging over our heads!

Presidential candidate RacistCarbonJoeBiden& RacistCarbonTrump are self- interest, self righteous, self serving, glory seekers and Massive death worshippers, for the love of CarbonMoney& space nuclear arms race, seeking the unattainable are going to take us to the brink of human extinction!
The former is a secretive, quiet and remorseless colluders, retaliator& killer of The Other. The latter is a less secretive, bid mouthed colluder, retaliator& lover of The Self and killer of The Other.
With such nyhilists glory seekers and Massive Death worshippers, what good can they bring but Mutually Assured Destruction/MAD for Humanity!
Both are born in the richest country of the Earth and are product of a history of Confederate Aryan who caused Genocide after genocide and perpetuate for the love of carbon money, war after war, NeverEnding oil wars& perpetuation of their milking carbon cow, sugar coated through the ParisAgreementCarbon Trade market with a carbon tax, carbon credits from the Kyoto agreement and double carbon credits and so false accounting of deadly carbon gassing against humanity, while seeking to impose a theocratic- Authoritarian unipolar kingdom under the excuse of National Security, new enhanced pateuot Act/ FreedomAct and enhaced and multiplying countless secret FISA courts to silence The people who yearn for life, freedom and economic-social-politic reciprocity for all living beings & not just for their EliteRacistCarbonState within the State.
After the Japanesse were practically defeated in 1945& the Japanesse were confronting the Ussian take over of their land, they asked repeated times to be receive to surrender but not content with their internment camps for Japanesse Americans and to retaliate for the Pearl Harbor episode, the confederate racist Roosevelian Doctrine followers headed by Truman&Leslie Groove executed to mass genocide japanesse civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki by irrespobsible and inhumanly droppong atomic bombs on August 6th& 9th! And they consumated the genocides of The Other!
Now all wishful thinkers hate Trump and after BabyBush cut a secret oil deal with UncleJoe, billions of dollars are avaliable plus republucan votes for UncleJoe in exchange to resurrect Nuclear plants& space nuclear arms race and for the reasons we gave in our past columns DarkNov3 2020 elections will make look the HangingChads scandalous controversy as a kid's prank, bc we will never forget how UncleJoe Silences Trump and faded him&his accusations of mail fraud, rigged the elections to favor UncleJoe in most of the USA. But uncleJoe will fade Trump from history, then the savior will turn wishful thinkers who voted for UncleJoeJackson into old depressed and desperate silver hair americans without hope, for uncleJoeJackson will be worst than the Russians's uncleJoeStalin and as we all endure UncleJoeJackson's  Authoeitarian ruling and carbon Pandemic and space nuclear arms race and his agenda for a unipolar hegemonic kingdom gets us into soace nuclear hostilities, we will all fret MAD mushrooms fallingnon our heads as nuclear rain and we may experience the exceucianting and desperate pain, panic and massive nuclear deaths, elected savuor UncleJoeJackson brings to us, as the japanesse civilians suffered massive nuclear deaths( Crime of war) in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which will be nothing compared to the gigaton nuclear rain fall which may befall over us.
These 2 uncles are not my presidents nor will ever be but will be the prrsident of those deceived sheeo who voted for UncleJoeJackson, not my uncle, for the countless majority of voters will not have voted for him, rather his elitistRacistCarbon BlackRockers Corporations got him elected, by a meager amount of voters, which doesn't represent the will of the People, nor his gov will ever be the Gov by, for and of he People, but only for the elitistsRacistCarbon State within a State!
Putting in our antiCovid gear and keeping social distance we must act: peacefully JoinCivilDisobedience to Abrogate carbon now and do not become vaccinated by these politician's pushed CoVidvaccine, which will cause more deaths than Covid19, bec they are not complying with the rigors and data needed to produce a safe vaccine but rushed to be licensed by the FDA before this Nov3 elections, hence an unsafe vaccine which may irreversibly destroy our Natural inmune system and life!

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