Stop QAnon, stop FB!

Stop QAnon, Stop FB!

Supranational State Actors of power such as FB, Amazon, Google, Apple, BlackRock & Carbon Corporations and Carbon banks are ilegally above the rule of law, accountability, transparency, etc and they all belong to a breed of RacistCarbon exclusive elititistState within a State, who in their areas, are mostly monopolistic but they secretly conspire, collude, retaliate and govern above State Govs and act through 3rd parties such as govs& large groups as Breitbart, Qanon, etc, to perpetuate milking the carbon cow...pop
QAnon is a confederate racist group, who became big with over 3 million active aryan confederate militiamen, grew large thanks to aryan FB, whose policies are implicitly enabling the growth of QAnon Groups Nationally in the USA and they feed members to the NRA, the military, the Inteligence agencies and are incrusted in the Trump Administration.

How is it possible these deadly QAnon Racist armed militiamen grew undisturbed under FB and worst, FB pretended to have cracked on them but everytime after allegedly FB cracking them, the QAnon grew larger and stronger, always using FB and its offshoots in social media?
Simple: FB slapped them on the wrist and cloded a token laughable number of accounts, instead of acting along with the Gov and closing the whole QAnon deadly armed militiamen!
Now the Bureau says is classyfying them as a T organization.
But why our congress didn't enact legislation all these past years?
Simple: QAnon candidates have over 3 million followers and have some congressmen.
The danger they represent to ordinary citizens are such that they need to ban them ASAP by legislation! But ElitistCongress contrary to representing the people, they only represent themselves and refused to
do anything to punish significantlly and efficiently QAnon and its enabler FB who uses laughable algorithms to monitor them, hence failed irresponsibly and negligently!
This large T QAnon groups have ties to other international T groups such as UstachaNaziCroatJewGenociders who caused ethnic cleansing in what once was Yougoeslavia and now they are ethnically cleansing indigenous Climate Defenders in Bolivia and the main media & Trump Administration accuse& demonize peaceful Climate Defenders as antidemocratic hooligans and anarchists, by subverting the factual truth, Trump is condoning the ethnic Cleansing of peaceful and unarmed climate defenders whose only sin is to demand their constitutional right to vote on Sep6,. Now they being hunted down by Ustacha Resistancia Juventud Cochala& Juventud Civica Crucena, who are armed with american marksmen assault rifles, artesanal bazookas, tear gas launchers, etc. All made in America!
Sadly QAnon, FB etc, are pro-dictatorship and desinforming.
Enough, is enough!
These is why these supranational Actors of state power, need to be broken down as was microsoft windows and AT&T Corp, to a maximun of 1 million customers and never allow bIllions of accounts for FB, QAnon, etc , Bc they are going to supress unconstitutionally, our freedom of speech and tells us who to vote for and vote pro-carbon candidates, continue invading our privacy and control our freedom of speech and we can't allow them to continue doing it!
We support only law officers to be armed!
Onlyt horoughly tried vaccine over millions of patients, prior to licensing by the FDA, will be a safe vaccine but all those electoral political-pushed- CovidVaccines before election day, are not safe and we must not allow them to vaccinate us with these unsafe vaccines which may destroy irreversibly our immune system!

Internal Facebook investigation reveals widespread scale of QAnon conspiracy

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