The August Winter hour of Truth is began to free Bolivia & to rescue Democracy!

The August Winter Hour of Truth is began to free Bolivia& to rescue Democracy!

In the midsts of countless thousands of Amazon forest fires, and about to close Congress ALP & after closing the school year in Bolivia and ordered the arrest& imprisonment of COB unionists, Bartolina Sisa& SUTCB farm unionists and teachers' leaders, in desperate attempt to abort the Bolivian people's pain, anger, and desperation in front of CoVidFamine and a failed National sanitary AntiCoVid System, which is resulted in countless CoVid deaths caused by the irresponsibility of her Government!
Anez, her military, police& paramilitary forces couldn't abort
The People's Winter hour of Truth which is just began in Bolivia with Indefinite Civil Disobedience/Indefinite Gral Strike, with freeway& road blocks through Most of Bolivia& Bolivians overseas are massively protesting against CarbonGassmanJeanineAnez embasies& consulates.
Bolivian parents this is your last oportunity to save your lives, your childrens free school system all the way to free University, your right to vote in Sep6 2020vElections as in many countries, save your future, your forests by joining this Indefinite Civil Disobedience/Gral Strike with blockades till your kidnapped Democracy is rescued from the Crutches of the Cia& CarbonRacistFascistAnez.
This is Your Winter peaceful Nal indefinite CivilDisobedience and only all of you can make it work!
The People United will never be defeated!
Fuerza, Fuerza, Fuerza Fuerza Companeros
Q la lucha es dura
Pero Venceremos a las pititas RosqueraLatifundistas Fascistas!
Jallalla Bolivia,
#JallallaPachaMama !

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