The saviors didn't come but the Gasmen are still here!

The saviors didn't come but the Gassmen are still here!

Seeking to escape EvilRacistCarbonTrump, The media is sown anxiety for saviors in Biden- Harris, but if they win the Nov3 election, they will perpetuate carbon, nuclear arms race, Never eding oil wars, never ending carbon subsidies, gun rights& over funding police and Authoritarianism!
Voting polls are not absolute but indicators of Trump's EitistRacistCarbon policies at the cost of citizens suffering are an abysmal failure and he is got 3 more months to keep ranting& throwing hos tantrums and crying wolf, wolf, wolf but he is in his way out.
People of color having been victims of his deadly racist carbon policies& deregulation of insuficient& scarce EPA laws see sice Andrew Jackson's genocidal policies, never in the history of our country has any president united us with his open Racism, warmongering bully tactics, callous and insidious lies, he is alienated us by attempting to famine americans. Specially 30 million workers and their families and its thanks to him, we woke up since we daw the live torture- murdering of George Floyd by a racist gang-member-police and Trump humiliating us and sadistically mocking this silent mayority of people of Color, and feeding racial hatred, " I can't breath, i can't breath..." to his confederate racist crowd, who we will nevet forget, screaming ecstatic to the torture-genocide of blacks, which has been happening over 400 years at the merciless hands of white cotton plantation masters- bankers like Trump, Biden, Harris.
Banker-Carbon BlackRock Transnacional Corporations, seeing Trump's big mouth is exposing their carbon cow, quickly colluding, moved its members including George Bush to fund raise for secretive quiet JoeBiden and bring white southern republican votes to him, but condituoned him to have as his ticket running mate a bankerCarbon actress Kamala Harris, then moved their edia machinery portrating Harris as a liberal pro- abortion VP and to manipulate the new majority of voters: People of color to campaign for Biden- Harris, sugar coating it as a ticket by, for and of Left wing.
This immense lies can't brain wash the People, bc people's life can't never be reduced to a single issue such as abortion and BlackRock Democratic banker corporations behing their bankerCarbon Harris, have utterly failed to erase Biden-Harris public record of both boasting overfunding the military war machine at the cost of social programs for americans, bailout& tax cut for only corporations, never ending subsidiez for Carbon corporations, writing major criminal laws, 5fold imprisoning people of color, deporting millions, multiplying prisons for people of color, overfunding police
" I am your law and order candidate"
It is thiee latter polucy which has caused social injustice for people of color, economic injustice for people of color, perpetuation of the banke-carbonElite in both parties and once they are in office nothing will chance, but worsen by these soldout, and racist secretive Biden-Harris candidates, painting themselves as saviors and abrogating the injustices against millions of people of color, specially blacks, but once in office as Biden betrayed his promises to end the war and Medicare for all, etc but did the opposite and worst after failing to perpetuate carbon as undusputable energy with theirsugar coated carbon tax, they are selling out carbon tax to the Paris Agreement not only to oncrease 20x carbon emissions but perpetuate it with carbon tax, double carbon credit etc. And hey will ressurect space nuclear race and never ending oil wars, even against Venezuela and with National security law and enacting new laws& overfunding police, will stablish an Authoritarian Gov.
Take both current senators Biden-Harris, who areactive in the senate for Bankercarbon interest but have perpetuate the takingaway of our right to Habeas Corpus relief from unjust arrest, perpetuate secret FISA COURT, omnibus law that 5x increased incarceration of peope of color and refuse to move a finger for us.
Hence waiting for saviors, brings us gassmen gassing us with deadly 20X carbon gas, nuclear radiation, never ending oil wars, increasing prisons of people of color and taking us back to racial segregation and class segregation as Kamala knows it and JoeBiden, both white cotton plantation masters, where Biden calls us "Boy" and Harris screams as Biden, "I am your law & order candidate" and they refuse to abrogate carbon emissions but are leading us to mass genocide with a pseudo glorious cross, "New Green deal" of deadly gasses by these gasmen instead of #AbrogateCarbonNow

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