There is no reason for us to CoVid die for either RacistCarbonCandidate!

There is no reason to CoVid die for either RacistCarbonCandidate!

BlackRock Carbon Corporations have nothing to loose but are gaining so much with the election of 2021-2024 president of the USA, bc no matter who wins both are perpetuating their carbon milking cow.
Trump is the big sore looser bc he couldn't control his mouth that incriminated him as an openly confederate RacistCarbon bully who unsat his own congressmen like Kobac, Sessions...and thought he owned USA and the world had to beg for bread to AndrewJacksonTrump!
But BlackRockCarbon Corporations protecting their perpetual carbon interest financed& media endorsed JoeTrump bc he is a best RacistCarbonLiarColluderAnRetaliator& he conceals it the best oldCottonJoeBiden becomes the next President along with ChamaleonRacistBankerCarbon KamalaHarris, a mirror image of JoeBidenAryanWhite in the inside and black hair in the outside, who as Calif State Attorney embedded with the RacistPolice, 3 strikes you are out blindly embraced VP JoeBiden's racist crusade& deportations against Blacks& people of Color, imprisoning them in California five fold and upin the complettion of their debt to society tore people of color's families by having the parents deported and their children stolen and given away to euphemistic white adopting families. And as US Senator RacustBananaKamala as she is known among millions of adopted children who were separated by Harris-Biden deportations, who have not moved a finger to correct their abuse of People of color but instead embedded herself with BankersAndCarbon Black Rock Carbon corporations as Hillary did and conned her way as VP alleging she is black when in fact her actions& policies were AntiBlack& AntiPeople of color as CalStateAttorney& Senator&sold out to become JoeBiden's VP.
So they will be in the White house after deceiving peopke of color& climate activists but they win't change their Carbon policy but Biden- Harris will be resurrecting massive deadly nuclear plants& nucleat arms race, Neverending Oil wars and imposing the biggest carbon stock& teade at ParisAgreement market, sugarcoated with carbon tax and double carbon credits& using Kyoto carbon credits and they will exceeed all climate tipping points while talking of facing carbon by 2035 and in 2024 #MethuselahRacistCarbonJoeBiden will be dreaming to be reelected ad Biden- Harris candidates, but covertly BlackRock will cue to BananaKamalaViper and she will Viperbite Biden and financed by carbon Bankers with over 2 billion dollars will nominate in the Primaries BananaKamalaViper and she will pull the race card for her wish to become the USA president but bc she has never defunded the police but overfunded them and has not abrogated Carbon but frustrated ClimateDefenders and BLM she will repeat the loss of HillaryCarbonBanker bc she is all cheap talk& lies and of course whi would vote for such a candidate?
American environmentalists we have no emvironmental candidate to AbrogateCarbonNow so there is no reason to risk our lives to CoVid19 and no reason to vote for police Overfunder #RacistCarbonJoeBiden or #RacistCarbonTrump

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