Too little too late, Facebook feigned Mea Culpa doesn't resurrect their Kenosha victims!

Too little too late, Facebook feigned Mea Culpa does't resurrect their Kenosha victims!

Over 99% agree FaceBook has the knowlege& technological power to stop any group or message at the snap of their fingers, but chose not to use algorythms to stop them bc to FB profits matters at any cost& not life nor social responsibility, transparency, follow the constitution or accountability and fairness.
That's why FB has 4 billion accounts through its ilegal monopoly not only to identify & been making black lists of AntiCarbon, anti Transgenic Soy, anti red meat, anti nuclear, antifascism minded people through out the globe and has arbitrarily billions of times suspended them for not being Pro-carbon, even for meningless hashtags, FB sends ordinary customers, alert news but for all countless millions of pro carbon, pro fascism, 2nd amendment death squads militiamen, including QAnon and carbon politicians, FB shields, covers up, protects and enables them and exempts them from their FB FACT CHECK and continues to cause unncesary and preventable deaths by aiding and abetting them.
To this day FB, Instagram, what's up keep giving them inmunity and impunity for their violence inciting groups and individuals and FB & M Zuckerberg have never apologyzed to the victims or to the orphans and widows.
The reason fascists at the heart of the Oil interests, Texas, and the book of Racial hatred& genocide spreads it's racism& murderous hostility as far as the palace of Bible Thumber& genocider Anez's presidential palace and other continents, we hear every day, their chanting, " Praise the Lord, pass the Ammo and Take Back America Texas"
Is because they are empowered by Facebook, who prior to their murderous shooting acts, using Facebook, organized, planned and executed 2 victims& wounding a third, publicly in Kenosha, Wisconsin
These cold blooded executions are public, to rule not by love but by machiavellian terror!
Too little too late, Facebook's mea culpa, doesn't exempt them for being accomplices by aidding and abetting them, through the 4 billion accounts it monopolizes! FaceBook can't resurrect the unarmed innocent victims of Kenosha.
We demand to investigate&charge them along with 2nd Amendment Death squat militiamen, who use Facebook for these unjust& systemic deadly murders& wounding people!
We tax payers demand Congress to break down Facebook (as AT&T was broken down), for being an evil deadly monopoly!
Should Mr Biden, Harris& Trump& Congress fail to Act, they will continue to bear the responsibility of these unjust death and the ones which will occur by them purposefuly refusing to # Abrogate2ndAmendment to bear arms & # AbrogateMilitianen, bc Biden, Harris, Trump empower& perpetuate murder of countless grievance& innocent victims!
What unjustice to perpetually persecute Assange for whistle blowing and protecting Americans and humanity but not indicting M Zuckerberg and his media empires for causing deaths by knowing from many complainants Kenosha Guard was calling for deadly violence and inciting them to arm themselves and go and shoot unarmed tax payers who peacefully were venting their social unjustice grievances against deadly racism by overfunded gang-member-police, who no one needs them and were created ti serve the Likes of this breed of people who are monopolists& enablers of violence, to opress the people & perpetuate carbon genocide, soy, red meat...

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