Under the excuse of CoVid, Evo & Eva Sold us out to AnezUstachaNaziGenocider & RomeroTSE!

Under the excuse of CoVid, Evo& Eva sold us out to Anez& RomeroTSE!

The role that Evo& Eva Copa have played visavis Anez has been treacherous& cowardly to indigenous climate defenders in Bolivia and Mother Earth.
Evo & Eva coerced Adriana Salvatierra& Victor Borda to surrender during the Coup and after the AnezCoup and Evo having landed in Mexico, Instead of Eva opposing the pressure of Foronda, Anez, the EU and the US embassy, in congress Eva forced Adriana from being the resistance head against the coup and giving up to Anez&Murillo, she allowed Anez to self proclaim as the transitional presidente unconstitutionally.
Eva became the senate president and kept forcing Adriana to the sidelines and when congress dealt with Evo's resignation letter, she had the power along with the 2/3 majority of congress to reject it and pull the rug off Anez but shebetrayed indigenous climate defenders and accepted Evo's resignation, knowingly that by accepting his resignation she was handing us inti the clutches of Anez fascism& terminating Evo and legalizing Coupmaker Anez as a legal transitional gov with the sole authority to materialize elections, which Copa has enabled Anez not to materialize by having covertly sold out to Anez to remain in power by having colluding with her to request a 6 month extension in power for Anez, which the justices of TCP granted to her, in her condition of Senate president.
Those Evo& EvaCopa Defenders say what they did were best, under the circumstances"
No and those were not naive mistakes, bc they kept giving up over& over. Case in point is After January 21 2020, Copa had the cjsce to appoint another presidencial, and as she sucessor bc Since Nov 12 Anez had failed to materialize elections. Instead Eva sold out to Anez and let her continue being unfit president and in March got her 6 months, the may3 electi ok bs Evo gave it up and the August2 elections, she gave it up again.
And lastly after almost 2 weeks of our civil Disobedience& sweat, blood and sacrifice sacrifice, blocking the freeways and roads to get Anez&TSE give us our unchangeable vote date of sept 6th, Evo& Eva,arbitrarily without our social movements consent and without consulting with us, sold out to Anez&TSE's new fake-day of elections by literally surrendering in our name to their imposed fake-day Octuber 18th under the excuse of CoVid.
Come Octuber 18th and No elections will take place and Evo& Eva and Anez and Salvador Romero/TSE, as contractees of the CIA, know it.
Come Nov 29, No elections will take place and Anez and Cia will still be in power and steaking our trillonaire Lithium and lands and celebrating over our sweat, blood and tears, the 1st year anniversary of the AnezUstachaNaziCroatJewGenocider in power bc all these above named know that CoVid will last for years and political vaccines for Covid will not come and/or fail and kill more people than CoVid19 bc they will never accept the Russian vaccine and Sars2-Covid19 has been mutating and vaccines ca't keep up with new mutating viruses, so under the excuse of CovVid Anezcwill teject mail-in- Elections and say you can't vote bc CoVid is still here and she will remain in power, thanks but no thanks Evo, Eva and Anez.
Had we a good leadership in Congress, we would already named Eduardo Rodriguez as presidencial interim gov, bc he sought no office and delivered electionswithin 6 months, but AnezUstachaNazi doesn't want to have ekections to perpetuate herself in power, while burning over 10 million hectares for Latifundio CroatJewGenociders.
I say we must let Social movements decide whether to reject or not the fake-day-octuber18 election day of Romero, which Evo& Eva sold us out without our decision.
The longer we wait to materialize ekectioba, without respirators these secobd wave of CoVid Pandenic will cause us greater number of victims+ AnezUstachaNaziGenocide!
MalljuFelipeCampos was right, had we May3 or even August2 elections done, we would have already enough bred and respirator provided by a legitimatelly elected president who would care for the People and not this AnezUstachaNaziGenocider Gov!

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