...UstachaNaziCroatAnez will continue genociding peaceful indigenous Climate Defenders!

If Eva Copa is not sworn president, UstachaNaziCroatAnez will continue Genociding indigenous Climate Defenders!

Their fugitive parents&  their offspring emigrated to Bolivia & now coveting countless trillion dollars rich natural resources of Bolivian indigenous owners, are dehumanizing them and have began to genocide them, to create over their corpses, FullMoonCroatia Republic without indigenous climate defenders but all white latifundio croatJews with only transgenic flora& fauna, to raise& export red meat to the EU, plus give it up trillionaire Lithium to USA based carbon transnacionals, fracking in National parks and extract gold& lithium which exterminates eater and desertifies. Hence converting Green Amazon Bolivia in a deserted country!
Using Goebellian propaganda their UstachaNaziCroatJewGenocider Gov through their countless wolves in lamb clothes, day& night dehumanized peaceful indigenous climate protestors wanting to vote, " These wild subhuman beasts, unworthy citizens, need to be locked behind prison bars" and having received USA made guns& war rifles C4 for marksmen, chemical weapons, including tear gas, embed their death squats among the military and police forces and corralled them and then unleshed the death squats to wound& kill them with guns at point blank and then turn around and blame their victims of shooting one another when they were confronted with foresic evidence extracted from victims corpses. "Our military and police use not 22& 25 calibre bullets" and refused to disclosed whiat military units and police units were present at genocide Huayllabi& Senkata and attempted to hide they had armed their UstachaNazi death squats with guns loaded with caliber 22& 25 bullets, confirmed @CELS_Argentina & published human rights complaints were lodged before the UN Human rights commission.
But nowadays the governments death squats keep injuring and killing them and their Gov's controlled media declares then "civic youth" F Lopez, the Defense minister, callous&unrepentant stated, "they have a historical role to play and they know what to do with these beasts" and Security Czar Murillo Prijic admitted proudly to CNN, " to shoot them is correct" as a professional politician.
R Calvo admitted proudly, idigenous climate defenders are "...subhuman beasts, unworthy citizens who deserve to be behind prison bars"
Prison bars in secret concentration camps.
Their president J Anez admittedly declared, "ignorant indians practice satanic rituals& do not belong to he cities and should return to the hinterlands"
What dialogue is their UstachaNaziCroatJewGenocider Anez Gov talking about, while they keep arming and unleashing their death squats enbedded among military and police, besides persecuting Arce Catacora, Eva Copa, JC Guarachi with framed charges of sedition, terrorism, which plagiarizes the USA's National Security law, handed to this Anez Gov of their making.
Based on these evidences, the Anez UstachaNaziCroatGenocider is consumating a dialogueGenocide of peaceful unarmed Climate Defenders, undetered by the complaints filed before the UN H Rights commission, bc they know, their master who financed and masterminded the Nov COUP& Genocides Huayllani& Senkata control their puppet UN and influences the EU and controls the OAS
These latter have been taking the side of AnezGov and every election date was unmova ble and yet they endorsed Anez cancelling them multiple times and now they are conning indigenous civil Disobedience climste Defenders with anothet de ception of elections in Octubre 18th due to CoVid, but come Octuber 18th they will cancel again and again due to CoVid bc according to medical WHO, CoVid Pandemic will stay, so this Anez Genocidak gov with UN& EU complicity will continue to perpetuate via eternal cancelation of elections, new date and cancel it again endlessly.
Our retired faculty met and advised, climate Defenders in Bolivia ahould move a check mate: Anez termed expired
Last July, ALP congress has to constotutionally check mate dictator& Genocider Anez by constiturionally swear to interin Presidency Eva Copa or The People will not be able to rescue Democracy and their right to vote but suffer further increasing death by Genocide, coVidFamine and Judicial persecutions and Carbon Pandemia and CoVid and lose their country, to an all white UstachaNaziCroatJew Gov in their newly created FullMoonCroatia Republic, like the Croatia Republic was created over the ashes of Yugoeslavia!

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